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Characters for DST created in the style of DST portrait c using a neural network.

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1-Wagnet - Character golem made of magnets. One of Wagstaff's experiments

2-The character is a scarecrow. Didn't come up with a name and lore

3-WoodGun - Pirate Engineer. Former friend of Woodlegs

4-I don't know what it is, but I like the look of it.

5-The Mart. A successor to the shadow throne. In this universe, Maxwell was not overthrown and decided to create his own successors.


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It seems like the AI has gotten better at replicating the general structure of character portraits, though there aren't official ones with some of those colors so it may have also taken from fan created characters portraits which can be a concern since some people wouldn't like their work to be used for things like these.

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