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Dupes move slime between storage bins at the opposite side of the map!

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What weird behavior is that?

I was very annoyed at first that dupes swept slime not to the nearest bin, but a very far away one.

But now I see that they even waste time moving slime between bins.

Is that a bug or what triggers that (very much unwanted) behavior?

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Work tasks will be created for moving items from low priority storage to higher. These can be filled either by dupes or sweepers. You can use this behavior to set up a system that, for example, will hold X amount of a material in storage and send anything over that amount into a teleporter.

Another example: Inside a volcano tamer, as soon as a material solidifies it gets swept into a priority-1 bin so that it won't accumulate into a tile, then gets transferred to a priority-9 no-manual-input conveyor loader as soon as the cooling pond opens up some capacity. Unfortunately I have to lock the room to prevent bored dupes who would otherwise be idle from sweeping stuff into the first bin. (I really wish there was a no-manual-input toggle on the regular bins!)

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Thank you for the information!

This felt very weird to me as a casual player, but I guess I see how a power-user could benefit from it...

I'll make sure to set all my bins to the same priority level.


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