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Wilson's beard inventory.

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If Wilson can have skins on his beard, why not let his beard inventory show the skin too?

Right now the beard food inventory always has that default black scratchy beard as the background. It'd be nice if it could correspond to the skin of the beard itself.

I also find that even when mods are not enabled , when the wetness meter shows, the beard inventory would get pushed under, making resource managing inconvenient.


As a solution, moving the beard inventory above the equipment slots(Tool, body, head)? I think this would make the beard inventory compatible with the seperate backpack, even with the fan favourite "Combined status" mod.


When can the beard hair storage would be optimised on these problems? I felt that Wilson's rework was pushed out in a hurry, and I wonder can Klei really come back and pick this up again. 

And I want that old idle animation back really bad. They can even make it exclusive to Wilson's gloves, I don't care.

Just PLEASE bring it back? Pretty please? 

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