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Desert Stones, the Loot Stash, and The Ancient Guardian

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Since they're pretty easy to accumulate with gifts to the Antlion, and there's very little that can be done with them, it seems to me that they need to be a bit more useful. I would propose that they be used instead of Nightmare Fuel to refuel the Lazy Forager, possibly also the Lazy Explorer and Turf-Raiser Helm.

Failing that, at the very least, I'd ask for its removal from the Loot Stash to be considered, given that it really seems out of place to have an item that's so easily obtainable en-masse be one of the possible items found in a Loot Stash. Even spider hats, steel wool, and single down feathers (considering you get over 10 from a boss fight, and need at least 5 to make anything without a construction amulet) are at least somewhat reasonable dud gifts.

While we're on the subject of the Loot Stash, I wonder if it wouldn't be too unreasonable to add the Guardian's Horn to the loot pool? As it stands, needing to take down the Fuelweaver and Guardian both for each Houndious Shootius (I still think Automagic Puppy Kicker is a better name) seems a bit extreme. Might also be nice to have The Ancient Guardian on a 20 day respawn timer like other bosses, though the Large Ornate Chest and its loot should still need a Fuelweaver clear to reset. Maybe that element is a bit too complicated to be worth such a rework?

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I'd like to throw in the concepts of...
Desert Stone Turf (Movement Speed Bonus? Body Temperature Bonus?)
Desert Stone can be used to craft Statues at the Potters Wheel
Desert Stone Walls ( Pengall Resistance Bonus, Pengalls stay away, Pengalls fear the Desert Stone Wall, Anti-Pengall?)

Loot Stash:
Add Friendly Fruit Fly Fruit?
Add Volt Goat Horn?
Add Malbatross Feather?

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Desert Stone Turf is an interesting idea, using them to craft on the Potter's Wheel sounds nice, though the walls sound like a bit of a stretch.

A Friendly Fruit Fly Fruit doesn't sound like it would work, given that only one can exist in a world at once (one for surface, one for caves), a Volt Goat Horn isn't a bad idea, especially since it's possible for them to go extinct, it can be difficult to get them back with hunts, and even then the drop rate is pretty low. Malbatross feathers would also be a fine replacement as dud loot, given that you need quite a few for them to be useful. If you don't want to defeat a Malbatross for its feathers and have access to a wealth of other resources, a fine option is to craft a large number of sails, and deliberately let a Malbatross destroy them, for each of which you'll get several feathers.

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Is that a bit? Sarcastically calling someone else a genius while you demonstrate your inability to differentiate between a redundant suggestion and agreeing with a suggestion? Whether comedy or comprehension, you need to do better.

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I didn't call anyone a genius, I said "Genius idea though.". The idea is genius.
Sarcastically? You're saying it's not a genius idea?

"You need to do better". Since we're telling people what they need to do, you need to stop telling people what they need to do.. Thanks. 

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