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[Suggestion] Surf board or swimming or other alternative ways to travel the water

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The problem

One of the biggest problem in ocean experience to me is that it feel cumbersome in everything I'm doing.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great ocean and sailing feeling. But at the same time, doing forage and chores on ocean is painful. I feel like a toddler trying to row up to a kelp by constantly rowing and adjusting angles. And it's just for a piece of item floating on water.

This pain becomes extremely obvious when you try to pick something among big obstacles. Such as picking salt among salt formation, pick a bottle among stacks, or pick a fig among waterlogged trees.

Sailing is fun, but everything else makes me feel like I'm a clumsy toddler.


I want to propose the game provide alternative ways to travel the water with reasonable downside.

Ocean is like cave in the sense that they need a special item to travel. Cave lacks light, so you have lantern. Ocean lacks land, so you need a boat. When lantern dies, you die. When boat is gone, you drown. But for cave travel, we have other alternatives, like glow berries (cost sanity), Glow Berry Mousse (requires perk), moggles (expensive), and Magiluminescence (high cost). Ocean has none, just wooden boat or grass boat.

I propose the game create to boat travels similar to cave travel alternatives. For example:

1. surf board, can stay on water for a maximum of 5 seconds, during which players can pick up 1 item by collision which will be attached to cursor instead of stored in inventory.


More detail:

After 5 seconds, players have 5 more seconds grace period for the player to return before completely drowning. Drowning results in return to boat with health cap penalty. During the grace period, players get wet at 20 wetness per second rate. It serves as a timer to show how much time is left in the grace period. After 5 seconds, wetness becomes 100, and players are drowning. Surf speed is the same as the default walking speed without boost.

2. Swimming. This is like walking in the dark with no torch. Instant 100 wetness and decrease in body temperature.


More detail:

Swimming speed is 1/3 of walking speed (similar to walking in a sandstorm), the same speed as rowing with wood oars. Eventually, players lose hp due to freezing, unless having hot thermal stones. It also induces sanity. This is generally an undesired way of traveling but gives players a grace period to help themselves. But it's also good for pick up stuff over the ocean.

Swimming is also an alternative to surf boards grace period. So when surf boards' 5 seconds expire, instead of slowly sinking, they swim.

3. Life buoy. This is a conditional swimming that can replace swimming. It can be equipped in body slot before boat sinking or jumping the deck.


More detail:

This way of travel suffers the same negative effects as regular swimming but with less severity.


I think the current drowning mechanic is incomplete. Like DS sleeping which magically steal the rest of the day, drowning teleports you instead of giving you a real drowning experience or swimming experience. This experience is possible to recreate using current mechanics.


I just feel lots of pain in current ocean experience. Anyways, thanks for reading my rant.

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