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Add Grogginess when Certain Conditions are Met

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Obligatory "I'm super new to modding but I'm trying to learn". I'm still trying to grasp Lua by watching tutorials and trawling through DST's code. Currently, I'm trying to make an adjustment to a preexisting mod character by introducing a downside as follows:

If it is day and sanity is lower than 90, then increase grogginess once per minute.

The idea is to have the character fall asleep during the day if their sanity gets to around 60% of their max sanity (which is 150, 60% of that is 90). I've tried looking at the grogginess file in the game's code but have trouble understanding it. Even the mechanic of grogginess is rather confusing to me (if grogginess is over 10 seconds you fall asleep? I think that's how it works? Beyond that I know nothing).

Here's my attempt at trying to implement this sort of mechanic (apologies in advance for inexperience)

   -- Sleepiness

    local grog_function = inst.components.grogginess:AddGrogginess(50)

    local grog_repetition = DoPeriodicTask(60, grog_function)

    local sanity_thresh = inst.components.sanity.current

    If TheWorld.state.isday and sanity_thresh <= 140 then





The sanity threshold for when the sleepiness kicks in was changed to 140 for ease of testing. But when I tried testing it out, the world wouldn't even load (error in code). How can I implement this and where did I go wrong?

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local function OnIsDay(inst, isday)
    if isday and inst.task == nil then
		inst.task = inst:DoPeriodicTask(60, function(inst)
			if inst.components.sanity and inst.components.grogginess 
				and inst.components.sanity:GetRealPercent() <= .6 then
					inst.components.grogginess:AddGrogginess(10, 10)
    elseif inst.task ~= nil then
        inst.task = nil

I recommend you to use inst:WatchWorldState("isday", OnIsDay)

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