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I need help compiling a scml file

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The usual method I used to use doesn't seem to be working and one of the angles my animations face is completely invisible yet in spriter it comes up normal as it should. Any tips on where I should go from here? It seems the old method is so outdated that I can't get it to compile the files properly into tex and anim and all that. For reference, my mod is the Chester Family. This has been a persistent bug since I updated the chesters so they could all also hop on boats.

To any fans that have been using my mod and see this, I apologize for how long it took me to sit down and attempt fixing this. I even bought a paid for copy of spriter to see if that would help fix the issue (it didn't). I've hit a dead end at this point.

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The most fundamental way to solve all sorts of animation problems is to check build.xml. build.xml can be found in a zip file generated by autocompiler. You can always refer to official build.bin.

As for invisible image, either you missed an image, or missed a frame in build.xml, or made z-index wrong so it is under other images.

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