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World Generation

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Looking for some help on world generation things.
I heard that world generation is basically circles that then get stretched and squeezed so that they connect more naturally to biomes.
I am trying to figure out if there is any consistency to biomes and generations.
and if anyone can help me recreate these circle biomes I would be much appreciative!


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I'm not sure the 100% specifics, but it seems the frog ponds and mosaic biome are almost always connected to the starter biome.

The world tends to spawn in a circle.  Loop Always means it will always spawn in that circle, giving you a world of all biomes chained in a circle.  Branch is to branch off of this circle, a branched biome can branch further going 2+ biomes back.  Branch Always is very similar to loop always, creating a single chain of biomes on the branch.

iirc there are like 8 forced biomes, and then 8 extra biomes of which we get 4 randomly selected.  Some biomes cannot branch.

I may be wrong about some of this, but I'm sure someone can correct me XD

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25 minutes ago, Shosuko said:


I think you're right about everything.

As far as I know the forced biomes are:

-Dragonfly desert
-Mandrake forest
-McTusk forest with moonstone
-Starter biome
-Savanna (with beefs)
-Bee queen biome

The optional biomes are a lot but from what i can remember you have: Triple tusk, bee biome, rocky biome, pig village + tiny swamp, second meteorite field, second decicious and frog pond biome.
The biomes are also divided into sections. Decidious for example is divided into 2 or 3: PK area, Glommer area (lots of moleworms and few trees), and woods

And about branching, IIRC rocky biome never branches out, the rest of them i think they all can. Having doubts about mandrake forest and both deserts branching out though.

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