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What if WX78 had an overcharge system, similar to Hollow Knight's overcharm system?

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Been playing on my long term WX78 world recently to try out the new brightshade items, when I saw the beanbooster circuit, and thought "why dont i just equip this?" only to realize it takes 3 notches. 125 hunger/health is a bit too low for my tastes, and while initially I found myself wishing I had just one extra notch so that I could play around with some of the 3 notch circuits, I instead thought of my recent playthrough of Hollow Knight, and thought to myself "wouldn't it be cool if you could overcharge WX like you could overcharm in Hollow Knight?" and thus, here I am.

For those who haven't played HK, overcharming is a feature where by equipping more charms (a system somewhat similar to WX's circuits) than you have notches for, the game lets you equip the charm anyways, at the cost of taking doubled damage from all sources. You can only overcharm one extra charm, so it's not that powerful, but it's a fun high risk high reward playstyle, and seeing something similar for WX I thought could be really cool. Doubled damage seems like it might be a bit much for DST, so somewhere from 25%-50% increased damage taken, or perhaps some other penalty could be applied.m

This almost certainly wouldn't be added to the main game, yet if anyone wishes to mod that in I'd love to see it. Honestly I don't see this breaking the game, in a world where we have double bone armour, Winona catapults, Maxwell trapping bosses, along with the mere existence of Wanda, letting WX equip at most one extra circuit at the cost of taking extra damage doesn't seem that absurd imo.

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