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Trading skins... and gifting skins?

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Don't Starve Together should have trading system with other players that in which you can trade with the other player with skins, and gifting. Why? Well... what if you want this cool skin you want but cant get because you don't have enough spools to get it? What if you want to give up some woven skins that you wanna give to your dear friend? Well, that's why I suggest adding Trading and Gifting! It'll solve the issue of where people have duplicate skins that they have no other way to getting rid of but to unweave the skin into their 50,000 spool pile that they can't use. Trading could help players get that one skin that they really want more than any other skin in the game. So why not add this feature hmmm?

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"Hello, I am a rich Nigerian prince. If you gift me 5 of your Distinguished Skins, I will gift you 10 of mine and my friendship."

A somewhat ridiculous example, but something that could happen and has happened somewhere else.

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