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linuxgsm console only works on Master Shard but not Cave shard

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Hello. My friend has originally installed a 1 shard world and I am trying to make it 2 shard. I try followed the dedicated server linux guide from klei forum to set up, For some reason, when I use linuxgsm console to try restart and do anything of the server, only the Master shard will work but not the cave shard. 

The server.ini and cluster.ini's are installed properly since whenever I restart the server via other means, the server will work properly. 

Anyone has any idea how I can get linuxgsm to apply to both servers? Or what info I should share in order to resolve this issue? (I'm not that great in linux I am still relatively new)

Many thanks :D

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yes and it turns out that whenever you use a customized sh file to generate and restart server linuxgsm will not detect that so you have to manually go in the game and shutdown the server before you can relink it to lgsm >.<

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