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A new use for art skilled duplicants

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I think everybody would agree that the Art skills in general don't fill too much of an important role, you just build a structure that requires to be sculpted/painted, you let your art focused dupe do the work (preferably one with the masterwork skill), and then they have nothing else to do that requires their skills.

So I've got an idea that could make them more interesting overall, what if the art skill didn't solely involve physical art, but also auditive art, aka music?

Duplicants with the Masterworks skill would be able to use a new station, which would require its own room in order to function. Let's call it the Recording room, since that's the closest thing to anything audio related that comes in my mind for a room. With this room, duplicants would be able to train themselves with instruments and grant various buffs and stress reduction to other duplicants within the colony.

However, to grant those buffs, some devices will have to be spread here and there in the colony. Speakers can be built below tiles to spread the music from the Recording room, creating noise (like when dupes sneeze or snore) within and around the area they are built, duplicants who pass within the noise will be granted the "Upbeat" buff, which could have a base duration of 1 minute. However, those speakers won't be able to work in vacuum (because there's nothing to reverberate the vibrations), and the noise will disturb sleeping dupes who aren't loud sleepers, so it's common sense to just not build them in sleeping areas.

The Creativity skill will affect the length of the buff granted to duplicants who pass next to a speaker, increasing the duration by 5% per level. On top of that, it can be built within Recreational rooms to allow dupes who want to relax during downtime to listen to the music in its true form, granting them (and the performer) the "Fabled" buff, which would replace the "Upbeat" buff, but grant stronger bonuses and greater stress relief.

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