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Welcome to Bundle Wrap Content dedicated server!

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Server is intended as longterm survival server with reset upon agreement between regulars of the server. That is why map reset timer is set to none, as well as sanity drain from ghosts, but resurrection on portal is disabled. Basic resource regrowth is disabled too, but I'm open to change this particular setting if need really arises.

Server location is RO Bucharest.

Some rules that I would like people to follow on the server aside from generic "don't grief":

1. Don't dig up mushrooms. Neither in blue mushroom forest, nor from surface biomes, and the fact that "there are still some" won't be accepted as valid arguement. People come and leave, and someone may need those blue mushrooms for ruins trip, beefalo healing, as well as stray mushrooms as ingredient for regular/portable crock pot or just opportunity healing/sanity/insanity. Also if everyone destroys environment partially, it won't be long before resources are destroyed completely.

2. Don't hammer pig villages. Single houses are ok, but pig village is good opportunity to convert rotting stack of monster meat into something more useful, as well as chop wood and summon treeguards if Bearger in not available. Pig villages are also located in open areas, so there is little chance compared to houses inside evergreen/decidious forest to be destroyed because of random wildfire spreading across the forest, which is 1 more reason to hammer lone houses instead. There is enough lone houses for both ruins trips and pig farms, believe me.

3. Don't destroy natural clusters of berry bushes near pig torches and inside pig villages. They don't require fertilization, guardian pigs can even be walled up for eternal light near set piece in most cases, so rather than destroying it I would prefer to keep such random boon (someone may need a bunch of berries in their early game or decide to make minicamp near such set piece, so don't destroy what you won't use, please).

4. Tell people if something important was destroyed (by Deerclops/Bearger/fire hounds, for example) instead of just causing damage accidently and just leaving siletly in hope that nobody would guess it was you. People would. But if told early enough they can rollback or at least start recover actions much earlier (for example, grinding goat herds while it's still spring instead of discovering problem in summer and waiting whole year to fix it). As a bonus people could explain things about game mechanics, and in my experience there was no case when people just blamed person in question, as it's often obvious it was genuine mistake.

Server has following mods with following settings:

Beefalo Tamed No Poop. Tamed beefalos don't produce manure, but wild and partically tamed ones do it normally. If beefalo goes feral again, it will start to poop again.

Better Pick/Axe. Pick/Axe has less uses (500), but has work multiplier 2.0 (so it's roughly the same work per tool as vanilla) and hammer functionality. Pick/Axe can start fight with Nightmare Werepig just like in vanilla.

Bush Transmutation. Allows to change berry bush type between all 3 with some extra resources consumed upon change, convertion follows 1:1 ratio between bushes.

Epic Healthbar. Adds healthbar to bosses, but not for regular enemies.

Force Biomes. Triple mac tusk biome is guaranteed to spawn, extra decidious, 2nd meteor field and both mixed mushroom forests are guaranteed to not spawn.

Inspect Bundle. Inspecting bundle reveals what items are inside.

Keep Spiders When Despawning. Makes allied spiders follow Webber between surface and caves just like Abigail follows Wendy, and when Webber disconnects allied spiders disconnect with him. Upon disconnect or going between surface and caves spider dens that produced corresponding spiders consider those spiders dead and respawn timer for new spiders starts again.

Lazy Forager Buff. Does 3 actions at a time (so picking is even faster), does advanced actions (picks things from structures (drying racks, bee boxes (bees still come out to defend honey), from natural spawners (bushes, cacti plants, kelp, figs, etc.)).

Lazy Furnace. Allows to instantly cook up to 3 stacks of items, allows to burn anything including extra sea fishing rods, desert stones, hound teeth, etc. Resulting freshness is the same as if it was cooked over fire regularly (not like Packim Baggims from SW).

More Map Icons. Adds map icons for eyebone, star-sky, Glommer's flower, lavae tooth, mushrooms, lesser glow berries, pig heads and mandrakes (that are in the ground).

Resource Variety Plus. Leafy berry bushes now spawn across the world instead of part of regular berry bushes, juicy berry bushes also replace part of regular berry bushes, regular berry bushes are guaranteed to spawn in the world. Saplings are guaranteed to spawn instead of it being random between saplings and twiggy trees, world is guaranteed to be grass tuft world as opposed to grass gekko world. Some pig torch set pieces are forced to spawn to make map more interesting.

Seed Pouches. Alternative way to store seeds for those who like to farm and don't worry about everything rotting. Pouches blueprint can be obtained after killing Lord of Fruit Flies, crafting requires some rope and papyrus; pouches are reusable and are auto-labeled with seed type in them, stop seeds spoilage completely, but can only hold seeds (pouches themselves can be stored in seed pack-it).

Starting Items 2.0. Gives 1 flint for everyone joining the server, so it's guaranteed 2 flints to start the game for everyone joining past day 10.

Storeroom (Modified). Expensive storage that can hold up to 80 stacks of items (less efficient in terms of resources per storage space compared to chests, but more efficient in terms of space needed for storage area). Can be destroyed like regular storage, but is immune to wildfires; requires as much space to place as alchemy engine and blocks path for movement (like most structures and unlike chests). This version doesn't break other containers, unlike original Storeroom mod did (I tested it a lot of times and confirmed it works fine).

Terrarium Targets Closest Player.

World Cleaner ver.K. Deletes certain items left on the ground over time, timer resets if one picks item from the ground. Things that are deleted nearly instantly (1 day): guano, manure. Things that are deleted after 5 days: red pouches from Year of the Catcoon, winter's feast ornaments (boss-themed ornaments are unaffected). Things that disappear after 10 days: rot, rotten eggs, winter's feast food (things like eternal fruitcake). Things that disappear after 20 days: beard hair, bone shards, feathers (down feathers are not affected), hound teeth, stingers, twiggy tree seeds.

World has following non-default world settings:

  • Ghost sanity drain - disabled;
  • Death reset timer - disabled;
  • Midsummer Cawnival, Year of the Gobbler, Varg, Pig King, Catcoon and Bunnyman - enabled;
  • Hallowed Nights, Winter's Feast, Year of the Carrat - enabled only in the caves;
  • Pirate raids - disabled (hostile flare can still spawn them);
  • Bee Queen, Dragonfly, Eye of Terror - more;
  • Klaus - tons;
  • Failed surviviors (surface) - none;
  • Celestial fissures - more;
  • Wobster mounds - more;
  • MacTusk camps - lots;
  • Ancient Gateway - very fast;
  • Earthquakes - little;
  • Grass gekko morphing (caves) - none;
  • Moles - little;
  • Failed surviviours (caves) - none.


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