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Wilson rework

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I don't know why by I thought that the wilson rework is  out for everyone on every device that have dst but why is it only for steam. Can you give other some love and give them the rework. I try look up how to get it on switch but there nothing. This get me mad that all the prep I got go down the drain because it's only for steam. What the heck Klei. Is there something  I miss or is it still on beta for switch. I just want to know if it's out on switch. Klei I do have my respect for you and I know it's difficult to  keep up the demand but can you do me a little favor please I reap please give the switch the rework but I might miss interfered the worng way and the reworks coming out some time today. I just hope that not the case but at the same time I hope this is. Ps this the longest I type.

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It will probably be here next month or the one after, since that's when they will update the others to the new lunar update. I was hoping they would let me buy Wilson's skin pack and be able to use shadow Wilson on the switch, but even that was a no go. Sucks because I could have waited and got it with the bolts I have on the switch. The switch is just harder to adapt because it's mobile so they have to adapt it more than the other consoles.

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