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3D print: Florid Postern phone holder.

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Hey there, from the creator of that one overly bright Ancient Gateway Lamp™ we have the Florid Postern phone holder!


No description available.No description available.


Images of the completed product above, and at the end.

I've loved how the Florid Postern looked, I just needed a way to utilise that design, and I found one. 


Just like my last 3D model, I used Solidworks, which is absolutely not designed for this kind of thing, but I'm too determined to do it, and not determined enough to learn something like Blender.


The fire was difficult, naturally, but I'm happy how it turned out. As I've cut a lot of the Postern's body I'm quite free in the design of the front face, which I think overall turned out simple but identifiable.

Here it is with a dummy phone sized like mine (my phone is rather large, with the case it is 80mm x 165mm):


I ended up printing basically every part twice. Mostly due to support issues.


Features like the bottom convex surface are difficult to print but I included them anyways, in the end I split the centre and the flames from the pillars and glued them on afterwards, which is why their orientation doesn't match the model.


Lots of cleanup required.

Now comes the fiddly part: the vines. These would be extremely unreliable to print, and likely very fragile (I've seen the limits of my prints the hard way). So I opted to make them out of copper wires. They provided a lot of literal flexibility, complexity, and they actually hold both the phone and the stand, as the stand in its current form just wobbles and falls over with a phone in it. This is what the holes in the model were for.

No description available.

A bit of cutting in the insulation, a few bends and some cut scrap plastic triangles makes for a really decent vine look.

2 hours of poor painting later and here we are:

No description available.

No description available.

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Had it just a day, so I haven't put it to thorough testing yet. As it's so big it naturally has a lot of stability, It does wobble a bit more than I'd like when I press on the screen, but it's nothing a bit of adjusting in those wires won't fix. Haven't tried other phones yet, but as mine is on the larger side it should house them with no problem. The base has a satisfying amount of "bite" into the bottom of the phone so it doesn't slip out.


I hope this was interesting and cool, and feel free to post your thoughts and feedback of course. Model is available if you want, though the copper wires won't be provided!

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