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Dupes going out with lead suit on low battery - teach them the virtue of patience please

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I have been using lead suits a lot, for everything, even in rockets. Those who also use them probably noticed that lead suits have 2 resources: oxygen and power (internal battery). Dupes have to run back and dock the lead suit when either O2 runs low, or battery runs low.

The problem is that right now, the threshold for minimum amount of oxygen in the suit before dupes are allowed to equip the suit and go out to work is much larger than the threshold for internal battery (around 33% battery charge).

This leads to annoying scenarios where the lead suit is full of oxygen but very low on power. Dupes put the suit on, go out with the intention of doing an errand, then have to do a 180 and go back to recharge the lead suit before doing any work because the internal battery is too low. This is particularly problematic if you have dupes that have a low oxygen consumption, e.g., from the diver's lung or deep diver's lung trait, or if the task they are doing is far from the docks or take a while to do, like digging hard tiles.

Image below, example of Quinn leaving the rocket when the internal battery is still low but the oxygen is full.



My suggestion: teach dupes patience. Increase the threshold (minimum charge on the internal battery) to a higher value, so that dupes wait for suits to be both nearly full of oxygen and also for the internal battery to be nearly full. Alternatively, add a setting to docks so that those threshold can be adjusted by the player individually (all types of suits, masks, etc.).

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