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Make gassy moos and gas grass usefull

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Gassy moos and gas grass are underpowered to uselestess.
Gassy moos consume feed of 2 gas grass per cycle and produce 10kg/cycle of natural gas
Gas grass consumes 0.5kg of liquid chlorine per cycle, so basically 1kg of chlorine=10kg of natural gas
x10 mass duplication-sounds amazing right? including chlorine that was a pretty useless till hot shots
Problem starts to rise when you look at natural gas generator consumption of 54 kg/cucle
Thats 5.5(rounding to 6) moos per 1 generator, an entire 96 tile ranch just to feed 1 generator
Add moos not being able to reproduce and having lifespan of 75 cycles and the only way of sustaining their population is to bring them from space(vanilla) or wait for god to send you a mooteor(DLC)
For comparison:
1 glossy drecko makes 250kg of plastic/cycle=250kg sour gas=165 kg of nat gas=3 nat gas gens (you get access to sour gas boiler roughly the same time as moos(or even earlier))
1 oil well makes 20 kg/cycle of nat gas apart from oil. 3 wells=1 nat gas gen

As a result we have moos being ranched only to get "Critter Whispener" achivement (with neglectable difference)
Solution that i propose:

  • Increace moo's gas production to at least 25 kg/cycle(2 moos/gen)
  • Increace their lifespan to 200cycles or make them be able to breed
  • Decreace gas grass light requirements to 9500 lux so sun lamp can grow 10 grass instead of 4, but triple chlorine consumption
  • Add mutations to gas grass in DLC

Given how hard it is to farm gas grass it would be great to buff it's fruit 

  • I propose to add some kind of stimulant pill or spice that is made from gas grass fruit, gives for example +3 to all stats,makes dupe flaturent,10% hungrier and +5% of stress/cycle.

I hope my suggestion will be heard and mechanic once will become usefull

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Wouldn't it make more sense to make the byproduct for the fruit be something that improves dupes wellbeing? At least temporarily! I don't think a lot of people would bother with something that makes their dupes more stressed and more farty?

Otherwise it would be good to do something with these. I literally got these achievements yesterday and the first thing I did once I got them was executed the moo, and destroyed it's pen to put it all back the way it was, because it's just a useless waste of space that is better used for solar panels.

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On 3/23/2023 at 9:13 AM, Xenokate said:

At least temporarily! I don't think a lot of people would bother with something that makes their dupes more stressed and more farty?

I see where you are coming from, but gas grass is a very late game resource. In late game you have: -20%(high morale)-20%(Neural Vacillator)-15%(frost burger) and -25%(somnium synthesizer)=-80% stress/cycle, not including bed rest and other. Great stress drains(soggy and popped eardrumms) do not occur after you reach atmosuits, so i don't think that +5% stress/cycle is a big deal on a stage when you can afford gas grass. 

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