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My guess/request about the future Quality of Life update(s)


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I will make some tweaks guess for every character later......:angel:


* Ghosts and shadow creatures will no longer trigger traps in the Pig Ruins. (HAM)
* Insulation Pack can no longer be ignited. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* Stumps and burnt trees have their own mini map icons now. (ALL)
* Grown plants that can be picked or hacked will not disappear after burning done, and can be destroyed to obtain an ash. (ALL)
** Plants like burnt Berry Bush will not disappear even if they have been picked. (ALL)
* The burning time of Magic Flower is now increased from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. (HAM)
* Magic Flower will not disappear after burning done, but will lose its function as a resurrector/hunger-sanity exchanger. (HAM)
** Burnt Magic Flower returned to its original form after a day. (HAM)
** Burnt Magic Flower cannot be dug up with a shovel, but can be destroyed to obtain an ash. (HAM)
* Magic Flower now keeps the default idle animation and does not have the effect of exchanging hunger for sanity, while burning. (HAM)
* All plants now have independent burnt, withered and picked mini map icons. (ALL)
* The crops in the farm plot now have mini map icons of immature and fruit status. (ALL)
* The unique clock is now applied to the cave world. (ALL)
* Option for "automatic mod update" (on/off) is added in the game settings. The default is "on". (ALL)
** Now you can choose whether to verify the updated mod after opening the mod page. (ALL)
* Add a button of "Validate Mod" under "Configure Mod" on the module page (replace its position without "Configure Mod") to facilitate the verification and update of the mods. (ALL)
* The search function is added in the upper left corner of the mod page to search out the desired mods. (ALL)
* The mod page uses scroll bars instead of triangles to facilitate the search of mods. (ALL)
* Sleeping birds can be caught at a slow speed. (ALL)
* Now the amount of charcoal falls depends on the size of the tree. One for small, two for middle, and three for big. (ALL)
** Trees without growth stage will randomly drop 1-3 charcoal. (ALL)
* The resources in the world settings that are adjusted to "More" or "Lots" will not appear outside the biome they should spawn. (ALL)
** This change has been applied to Hamlet world before.
* When hiding with a Bush Hat or a Shell Hat, detecting items will not leave the player in this state. (ALL)
* Now you can cancel attack action by moving when you are ready to attack. (ALL)
* Now different numbers of Cave Flowers have unique mini map icons. (ALL)
* The animation of fertilizing plants is played normally. (ALL)
* Beefalos follow for a longer time, accept reeds, and will appear on the mini map after being domesticated now. (ALL)
* The Cave Entrance will not have a rope to go down. You need to give a rope to it to go down. (ALL)
* Wormhole, Cave/Volcano's Entrance/Exit, Electric Triangle, Catcoon and End's Well can now accept all types of inventory items. (ALL)
* The Cave/Volcano's Entrance/Exit, and the door with the interior can now be given items to make the items transported to the other end. (ALL)
* Now the name of the trees/rocks will be displayed when you cut the trees/rocks with the mouse. (ALL)
* Trees will not grow to the next stage in 3 seconds when cutting down the trees now. (ALL)
* Items that are not completely dried on Drying Rack can be taken away now, and this will not affect the drying time. (ALL)
* Turkey Feast can be made with roast chicken legs now. (ALL)
* When the game is loading, several random pictures will appear instead of black screen. (ALL)
* Now the screecher mod is compatible with all DLCs. (ALL)
* Tentacles are no longer easy to come out after being ranged attacked. (ALL)
* Frogs will no longer steal irreplaceable items when attacking. (ALL)
* When Ice melts on the ground, it can also increase wetness of players who are close to it. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* Restored the hot Heat Stone's ability to emit tiny light. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* Restored ghost's ignore-armor-attack ability. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* Shadow creatures' attack now ignores the effect of Night Armor. (ALL)
* When players try to place/plant something, Snowball Launcher and other similar machines will display their work range. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* Ice and Gold are now waterproof. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* Wooden wall can now be repaired with living log. (ALL)
* Now all living animals can be put in the ice box. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* Snowball of Snowball Launcher no longer freezes the creature immediately, but is equivalent to the one-time effect of the ice staff. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* Rabbits and birds can be cooked in cook pot now, with 1 meat value. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* The rabbit and mole will now drop 2 small pieces of meat. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* The bird now has a 50% chance to drop an extra small pieces of meat. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* Moles now have 1 value of meat in the cooking pot. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* The priority of Avocado Sauce is raised from 10 to 15. (RoG, SW, HAM)
* All types of spiders recover ten times their health when using spider glands. (ALL)
* A machete is generated near the beginning of Shipwrecked world to prevent someone from being trapped in the birth island without flint. (SW, HAM)
*A scorched bush tree has a 25% chance to drop baked eggs and a 25% chance to drop baked bananas when cutting. (SW, HAM)
* Tropical parasols can now be used as fuel. (SW, HAM)
* Ashes can now be blown by hurricanes. (SW, HAM)
* When placing sandbags, "Place Sandbags" is displayed instead of "Place Walls". (SW, HAM)
* Crocodogs and Sharks are no longer hostile to each other. They will also plunder all kinds of fish. (SW, HAM)
* Krampus Sack has a new look in the world of Shipwrecked or Hamlet now. (SW, HAM)
* Now boats and waves can push floating items on the water. (SW, HAM)
* Even if the player does not have RoG DLC, the flower salad can be made in the Shipwrecked world. (SW, HAM)
* Farm crops placed in flood area will grow faster. (SW, HAM)
* Grass in the mangrove biome can be dug up or ignited now. (SW, HAM)
* Buildings and plants can no longer be placed too close to volcanic lava. (SW, HAM)
* Grass can also be planted in the mangrove area, and will not wither in the dry season and harvest indefinitely. (SW, HAM)
* When in Gas Rainforest, food in inventory spoil at a rate of 1.5, and 3 on the ground. (HAM)
* Spoiled food on the Gas Rainforest will disappear in 0.25-1 days. (HAM)
* Buildings and plants can no longer be placed in the Gas Rainforest. (HAM)
* The lightning will be blocked and several grass or twigs will fall from the canopy when the player is under canopy. (HAM)
* The leaf around screen in the Gas Rainforest is optimized and looks more rotten. (HAM)
* The natural Pig City turfs cannot be dug up now. (HAM)
* When birds are placed indoors, they will not fly away, and in the indoor space they will normally "rot" after 2 days. (HAM)
* Gnats are now afraid of players equipped with Morning Star and can be destroyed directly with it. (HAM)
* Bandit Pigs also appear in the world of non-Hamlet now, and 75% meat or 25% pigskin will be dropped after death. (HAM)
* Hanging Vine now has a 15% chance to drop the vine×1 on death. (HAM)
* Poison Dartfrog will not steal irreplaceable items when attacking. (HAM)
* Collectors accept more kinds of items: snake skin, antlers, porcupine thorns, shadow rags, injectable iron ore, snake bones, poisonous mosquito bags. (HAM)
* Hunters accept more kinds of items: bone fragments, spears, battle spears. (HAM)
* Florist accepts more kinds of items: devil petals, nectar. (HAM)
* Mayor accepts more kinds of items: gold coins (give oinc × 2. (HAM)
* Miners accept more kinds of items: flint. (HAM)
* Hatters accept more kinds of goods: cow hair, beard, rabbit hair. (HAM)
* Receptionist accepts more kinds of items: honey bricks, honey ham, toffee, pumpkin pie. (HAM)
* Doctor Magic accepts more kinds of items: purple gems, living wood, magic drops, magic seals. (HAM)
* Mayor give one oinc more for a gold nugget. (HAM)
* Flytrap and spider monkey will help their own kind. (HAM)
* Spider Monkey is now neutral to Webber and Wilbur. (HAM)
* Large Iron Hulks forming basalt is not so frequent now, and the chance is less each time. (HAM)

Generation Times  chance
1  100%
2-4  75%
5-7 50%
8-10 25%
11+ 0.5%

* Rocks and flints dropped from the basalt summoned by Large Iron Hulks will try to stack automatically. (HAM)
* Peacock is spawned when picking berry bushes in the Hamlet world to replace turkey. (HAM)
* The hammer pig will hammer the wall blocking him to repair the house. (HAM)
* The hired Royal Pig Guard will help cut down trees now. (HAM)
* Like sea hound and crocodogs, vipers have a chance to be spawned by dropping meat in the lily pond. They will plunder the fish in the fish farm and actively attack the players on the boat or the creatures on the water. (HAM)
* Poison Dartfrog and Frog are readjusted to be unable to be ignited. (HAM)
* The fish in the fish farm in the lily pond will spawn vipers instead of crocodogs. (HAM)
* Improved the hunger and HP of Bramble Vulb, 9.375→25 hunger, 1 → 8 HP. (HAM)
* Ordinary pikos can also be put into the cook pot. Both kinds of pikos have 1 value of meat in the cooking pot. (HAM)
* Ordinary pikos and orange  piko dropped an extra 1 small meat, a total of 2 small meat on death. (HAM)
* The color of ope and board is changed to appear greener and brighter to match the color of grass and log. (SW, HAM)
* Now the tea tree will drop the tea tree log, the rainforest tree and the spider monkey tree will drop the rainforest log, both of which can be stacked and used as ordinary log, similar to the mechanism of bat skin and pig skin. (HAM)
* The shape of vampire bat wings has been readjusted, but can still be stacked with bat wings. (HAM)
* The containers of the root trunk and the cork chest have their own patterns. (HAM)
* Right-click to place a hedge displays "Place Hedge" instead of "Place Wall". (HAM)
* Now the little hammer can be used to hit the mole. (HAM)
* The gold pan can now absorb flood puddles in Shipwrecked. Each time it shorten it to a certain range, it will consume durability, without any loot. (HAM)
* Injecting iron ore can now give light. (HAM)
* When wearing the scepter, +4.44 sanity/minute. (HAM)
* City things can be touched when equipped with an scepter or pig crown. (HAM)
* The worn weevil cloak will make weevil not hostile. (HAM)
* The lit firecrackers will now cause hounds, worms, crocodogs, sea hounds and vampire bats to enter a brief state of panic. (HAM)
* You can view the map when using live artifacts and it has a unique mini map icon. (HAM)
* Iron Ore and Injection Iron Ore can be picked up with fishing rods after sinking into the water. (HAM)
* Sunken Object is renamed Sunken+item name. (HAM)
* Ancient Remnant can be used to repair the shadow cloak and fuel the night light now. (HAM)
* You can make pumpkin lanterns or grass armor in the world of Shipwrecked or Hamlet now. (SW, HAM)
* The prefix names for such as tea and injectable iron ore are different from other perishable items. (SW, HAM)
* You can't use a magnifying glass to light items without sunlight any more. (HAM)
* The magnifying glass cannot disturb the ant man without sunlight any more. (HAM)
* Sprinklers can now be placed near the pond in RoG or SW, and water can be taken from the pond. (HAM)
* Bug Repellent can be "gas" on the target, not just a certain point. (HAM)
* Magic Water can now be planted in the water, and the magic flower does not have the ability to revive player when it is on the water. (HAM)
* The number of alloys required for City Lamps increased from 1 to 2. (HAM)
* Items of the trawl in the lily pond are adjusted (HAM):
** Normal : lotus, rock, fish, gold dust, iron ore, bone fragments, rotten fish, gold nuggets, oinc, various toys, fire wands, ice wands, red gem, blue gem, purple gem, lost treasures, chitin
** Humid season: lotus, rock, fish (increased probability), gold dust, iron ore, bone fragments, rotten fish, gold nuggets, oinc, various toys, fire wands, ice wands (increased probability), blue gem (increased probability), red gem, purple gem, lost treasure, chitin
** Lush season: lotus (increased probability), rock, fish, gold dust, iron ore, bone fragments, rotten fish, gold nuggets, oinc, various toys, fire wands, ice wands, red gem, blue gem, purple gem, lost treasures, jungle burr, tea tree seeds, petals, nectar
** Blood Moon: lotus, rock, fish, gold dust, iron ore, bone fragments, rotten fish (increased probability), gold nuggets, oinc, various toys, fire wands, ice wands, red gem, blue gem, purple gem, lost treasures, crustaceans, nightmare fuels
* In the humid season, you can fish anywhere in the lily pond and have a chance to spawn vipers. (HAM)
* In the Lush season, all the plants that can be picked or has grow stage grow faster, just as RoG spring and SW green season. (HAM)
* The Blood Moon will now reduce the growth rate of the plants that can be picked, not only those plants with growth stages. (HAM)
* The cooling time of Abigail Flower is reduced by 50% in the lush season. (HAM)
* Sneezing no longer makes irreplaceable items fall out. (HAM)
* The damage taken for player within 30s after sneezing due to pollen increases by 20%, and the amount of healing (food, healing items, etc.) decreases by 25%. The time and effect can be superimposed. (HAM)
*At the end of the day, almost all creatures have a certain chance to drop an additional nightmare fuel when they die. (HAM)
* Only one ancient herald will be generated at Blood Moon, and if it is too far away from it, it will teleport to the player nearby, unless player go into a interior, and it will no longer damage its spawns any more. (HAM)
* The hand item will not be automatically equipped when doing the "give" action. (ALL)
* The Blooming rainforest trees and blooming tuber trees now have special lines. (HAM)
* The leaves of the deep rainforest in the high view should not be so blurred. (HAM)
* Now the priority of "entering" is higher than that of "picking up". (HAM)


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