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Danger Events to spice up gameplay

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After a few tech upgrades, its easy to deal with heat and build a autonomous factory on all the planetoids in the system.  I'm proposing a few danger events which gradually goes from mild annoyance patch up to "there goes my weekend" major repairs which would keep me on my toes.  It may not be much that a light bulb goes out with a minor event but a cascade event where a few breakdowns causes your logic circuits to go haywire and make a mess of your base.

Rad spike: Radiation spikes from nowhere radiates a certain area and objects must be disposed.

Quake:  a meteoroid hits the side of the base and causes damage to equipment in the area

Time slowdown/quick/stop: everything in a random spot gets a temporal effect (That door just rusted shut real quick, water pipe gets blocked due to slowdowns, duplicant gets frozen in time)

Electric surges: wires/batteries/powerplants get surges, causing something on the line to breakdown/shorted (showers are down due to broken pumps)

Eclipse: strange cloud in space blocks sunlight, rockets get lost temporary due to lack of stellar navigations

Teleportation errors: A few items gets misplaced (That refrigerator just teleported across the system, along with my bed)

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