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Hello everyone. This is the first time I'm writing something on the forum, so I apologize in advance if something is wrong. A new character for dst. Vampirela (The name can be replaced). Instead of the HP parameter, it has the blood parameter. It can suck blood from living beings, thereby replenishing blood, an alternative to treatment. He can summon bats to help him, but only in the evenings and at night. During the day, she smoulders, losing blood, as a result, she is forced to wear a hat made of cobwebs. The mouse bat in her hands has increased damage and does not take away the mind, but it does not replenish blood reserves. There is still work to be done on the vampirism system. It should not be unbalanced, but at the same time not too complicated. Also, you can add some other features, items to this character. It will be interesting to look at your suggestions. Also, this character is considered as hardcore. If you are interested in this character, please support. And I really hope that the developers will notice it and introduce it into the game. Thanks for attention.

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building on top of op's idea:

Vampirela has a vampire father and a human mother.

She can eat both cooked food and raw food.



- a night owl who fears sunlight but enjoys moonlight

- obsessed with blood

- not entirely a human or vampire

- Health 175, Sanity 175, Hunger 150




- Vampirela gets sanity and hp drain during the day. HP and sanity drain is 1 per 10 second (or about 24 to 40 a day). HP drain can be reduced by wearing any gears with water resistence (because water resistence = sun proof). The reduced amount = water resistence x3. So hats with 20% water resistence provides 60% reduction in hp drain. The final will be 0.4 hp per 10 second. (another character with poison mech)

- cave has no "day" time

- knobbly tree provides 100% protection from HP drain because it has 35% water resistence, or 105% HP penalty reduction. Regular trees also gives some protection.

- She gets half sanity drain during the dusk and 0 HP drain.

- Her sanity drain can be reduced by wearable to the same extent of HP drain reduction.

- She get no sanity drain during the night (opposite to regular characters).


Killing and bloodline:


- Vampirela's bloodline evolves after sucking blood from mobs and bosses. Bloodlines will last until death.

- Her max HP and attack damage will increase with bloodlines. If a last hit is landed successfully, max HP increase percentage is (boss hp / 1000). So deerclops gives 4% max hp increase. dragonfly 27.5%, misery toad 99.9%. (182 max hp after clops, 223 after dfly, 350 after misery toad)

- Her attack damadage increase = (Boss regular attack / 10). So deerclops gives 7.5 extra damage, level 3 shadow rook gives 16.5. This number is a constant added to any weapon or no weapon. It includes fist, axe and walking cane. For the context, wigfrid holding dark sword gets 17 extra damage.

- Her HP and attack buff is 1/3 if she kill a boss but couldn't get the last hit. But she gets no bloodline when she couldn't last hit a mob.

- Pigs (0.25% hp increase, 3 damage increase), spiders (0.1% hp, 2 damage), biggest treeguards (3.7% hp, 6 damage). She can only keep the strongest bloodline. She can't keep multiple bloodlines.

- Killing animal mobs that have blood heals her, excluding insects, shadow creatures, clockworks.

- Last hitting mobs gives her mob HP/50 heals. Thus, bats heal 1hp, spiders heal 2 hp, in addition to bloodline evolution.

- Last hitting bosses and mini bosses heals her boss HP/100. Thus, deerclops heals 40, in addition to bloodline evolution.

- Killing innocent mobs gives her extra 50% innocence penalty, but also gives same amount of sanity (it's not under her control but it satisfies her darkest inner thirst).

- Max sanity and max hunger also gets buffed to the same extent as max HP.


Blood thirst:


- Vampirela requires blood intake to stay sane and healthy. This can be done by last hitting mobs with blood, or eating any kind of raw meat including fish, or drinking other players' blood.

- she can craft a syringe that allow other players to donate blood willingly, the animation of which is similar to wormwood producing living logs. The syringe is for one time use, for sanitation. It draws 20 health from other players, and heals her with 10 hp, 10 sanity and 10 hunger, yum. syringe can stack up to 20. But they rot in 10 days. Can be stored in icebox. Other players drinking it will get 10 hp, -20 sanity and 10 hunger. It requires 1 reed and 1 mosquito sack to craft.

- she gets weaker 5 days after no blood intake. She will take 5% more damage each day in this state, max 100% (but she'll be mostly fine if she has powerful bloodline). This extra damage doesn't cost extra armor, it's calculated after armor reduction.

- her face will look more and more like vampire when she's weak. progression similar to wormwood. But it can be stopped and reset by killing any mobs with blood (excluding lightbugs, bees, butterflies, etc).

- blood thirst is an invisible meter just like the invisible wormwoods' bloom meter.


Moon phase:


- Vampirela draws power from the moon. At full moon, she gets 10% speed boost during night. At new moon, she gets 0. The days inbetween she gets extra 1-9%.

- Full moons gives her 1 hp sanity/sec at night, new moon gives 0.


Night vision:


- She can see things at night in a small radius just like moggle vision. (radius increases when bloodline evolves.) No sanity drain for staying in darkness.

- She still gets hit by Charlie because her vision is ultrasonic sound wave, not light wave. So she still needs a torch. But she can do all the actions in pure darkness, like build a campfire without torch in the darkness, or pick up a lantern.

- Her night vision is larger using regular lights.




- In healthy state, she gets normal food effects.

- In blood thirst state, she gets half effects from cooked food (crockpot food and jerkies). This can be cured by killing for blood or eating raw meat or drinking your friends blood.

- raw non-monster meat gives 0 sanity penalty. It doesn't give sanity benefits because it's just meat, not blood.




- she can befriend up to 3 bats by walking up to them.

- she can craft a batmerang (bat boomerang) using 2 bat wings and 1 silk. The weapon has 10 uses and has same damage as regular boomerang or 27.2 damage. Mobs killed by batmerang will be twice as likely to drop the meat loot. For example, birds (50% feather, 50% morsel) will 100% drop morsel. Bats (15% poop, 25% wings, 10% monster meat) will have 50% chance to drop wings, 20% chance to drop mon meat, and 15% to drop poop.

- batmerang rots similar to hambat. (Bat bats don't rot cuz of purple gem dark magic).




- she can only sleep 10 sec max at night at a time.




- She can fly for 2 seconds, ignoring walls, river and cave abyss. Flight speed is same as bats' walking speed, 6. She can fly for 3 seconds during nights. Flight will be interrupted once attacked.

- She fly faster during night in different moon phases.

- The action control is similar to wortox's soul hop. She can change directions during the flight. A countdown timer clock will show above her head.

- Flight has 10 seconds cool done.

- If someone she ends up in river when she has to land, she drowns.

- If she end up in abyss, well, fix it, Klei. Otherwise, this is free void walking. Don't thank me.



I would love a leveling system, but I don't think Klei will ever implement one.

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