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game is great! I've finished it in few different ways some time ago.

Now I'm playing it again and it's entertaining in exactly the same way!

I want to add some new things via mods (for GOG-version), but many of them are not available. 

Specifically I'm looking for:

Agent Mods Combo
Dosan – Mark of the Ninja
Agent Reserve
Heat Signature - Sader Fiasco
Into the Breach Agents
New Agent: Blink
Extra Agent Abilities
New Corporate Tactics
OMNI Foundry Plus
Talkative Agents (+ Chatty Guards)
Teleportation Shroud
Unlimited Storage
Agent: Schysm
Red (from Transistor)
PEIA Legends: On-File Draco & Rush
Programs Extended
Interactive Events
Agent Mod - Incog Mito
Armed Executive

If anyone has them all (or most of them), I would be very grateful for re-uploading or contacting with me.

Best regards


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You can use mods off Steam without having the Steam version of the game, by directly downloading the mods using the Steam Workshop Downloader ( ). You'll need to make folders within the Mods folder and put the downloaded mods into them. Take care to NOT have any spaces or special characters when naming the folders the mods will go into.

Please get ALL your mods this way. Some mods may have old versions uploaded here on Steam but will be outdated and probably won't work.

Please also give this a read: Especially the point about installing dependencies such as Sim Constructor and Function Library.

You're welcome to join the InvInc Discord if you have any questions or need help installing mods. The forum is dead.


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