Re-upload of some mods

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game is great! I've finished it in few different ways some time ago.

Now I'm playing it again and it's entertaining in exactly the same way!

I want to add some new things via mods (for GOG-version), but many of them are not available. 

Specifically I'm looking for:

Agent Mods Combo
Dosan – Mark of the Ninja
Agent Reserve
Heat Signature - Sader Fiasco
Into the Breach Agents
New Agent: Blink
Extra Agent Abilities
New Corporate Tactics
OMNI Foundry Plus
Talkative Agents (+ Chatty Guards)
Teleportation Shroud
Unlimited Storage
Agent: Schysm
Red (from Transistor)
PEIA Legends: On-File Draco & Rush
Programs Extended
Interactive Events
Agent Mod - Incog Mito
Armed Executive

If anyone has them all (or most of them), I would be very grateful for re-uploading or contacting with me.

Best regards


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