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Yet Another Slickster Farm

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I'd like to share my take on a slickster farm. Features:

  • Purpose: to provide as much crude oil/petroleum as possible using the free CO2 byproduct. Currently up to about 900 kg/cycle is possible.
  • Shares space with most of my dirty power plants.
  • It's a giant CO2 storage. Currently 152 kg/tile.
  • Has a type of "pez dispenser" for newly born larva and eggs to repopulate the place and give them a "chance" at life.
  • Each level houses up to 8 critters. Space is set up to maximize other space use.
  • Bottom level is where all remaining critters (75) go to "live".
  • A total of over 90 critters produce a constant flow of crude oil and petroleum.
  • Auto-sweepers take away everything. Larva eggs are deposited on the upper room.
  • Minimum dupe intervention, other than grooming and lullabying the eggs.


Automation activates the vertical doors only when the critter sensor reads 8 or more critters. A timer assists on the opening/closing of the door (5 sec green / 1 sec red). Excess of critters are pushed down.


Only drawback is sometimes "breeding" slicksters are pushed down the dispenser. Another system can be implemented to do the sorting outside each ranch level.

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On 2/17/2023 at 10:03 PM, Alex_D said:

Has a type of "pez dispenser" for newly born larva and eggs to repopulate the place and give them a "chance" at life.

Is there a benefit to using this style of critter restocking over the "classic" pez dispenser design?


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Less space and slicksters. The classic works for hatches. I tried (in sandbox) essentially the typical, with a mech airlock door as floor on the rooms below, The falling slickster doesn't go through but stays on top of the mech door. However a hatch will continue falling through until it reaches a closed door. So daisy chains of open doors do not work for slicksters.

Edit: The pez dispenser for slicksters will still let hatches through. Hence, the system can be improved by replacing the horizontal pneumatic door (on floor below) by a mech door. However, if the ranch is only for hatches, then the classic is a better solution.


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