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New woodie needs tweaking

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After his Rework, Woodie was much better and more fun, however, currently Woodie is far behind other characters in their main roles, such as :

  • Be a good resource collector - where Maxwell has much more efficiency and speed.
  • Be a good figther -  where other characters like Wolfgang and Wigfrid play this role much moreefficiency.
  • Be versatile - where the Wx-78 plays this role much better 

So we see that Woodie is Somewhat outdated.

My main criticisms are the short transformation time, low DPS, and desaceleration time after the collision of wheremmoose.

I also think that 5% more damage reduction could be added to the wheremmoose form and a reduction in time of in the time of cutting trees in the human form.


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The only thing Woodie needs is not drop his body equipment, as he does it now with the backpack. Why only that? First because it's dumb that he can have a backpack, but other stuff equipped in his chest drops. Second because there are a lot of items he can use in this wereforms state that will help him A LOT like the Belt of hunger to make his wereforms last longer, Live Giving Amulet to restore some health, Chilled Amulet to freeze the enemies that hit him, Lazy Forager to take all the resources of the ground, Magilumnescence to walk fast, bone armor to ignore the first hit during 4 seconds, and more cool combinations... With just a simple change.

Edit: Well, that and a way to not turn every night in to a monster during moon storm.

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I know this would probably never be in live servers, but I would like some kind of ability in order to refresh the were-meter.

DS Woodie, as well as original DST Woodie had ways of refueling the were-meter as a way of controlling his curse even more.

Now it's set to a timer that only lasts usually for 4 minutes, at most.

Bring back eating respective resources in order to refill the were-meter, or maybe allowing the usage of eating idols/monster meat in were-form to fill it. 

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