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Help: Regarding the production of mods that change the appearance of map textures in the game

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The thing is like this, I currently have the idea of changing the game's painting style.I have played this game for 800 hours, but I always feel that the painting style is very dark, so I want to change to a more cute painting style (I want to change it a little bit) All the pictures in the game are replaced with my favorite style and made into a mod)

At present, I have found a way to change the appearance of buildings and other items, but I can’t find how to change the texture of solid gas and liquid on the map. For example, the texture of algae is dark green. I want to change it to other pictures. I can’t see it when I search for this code I know where to modify it (I don’t have any programming foundation at present, but I have searched for some other video tutorials on modifying the appearance, I can understand it, but searching for algae
 Metal, gas, etc. seem to be different from the way of modifying buildings, those teachings are not)

I hope someone with experience can answer my questions, thank you

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Yes, thank aki and thank you . I don't know how to start without programming foundation. I can only slowly see how others do it. Thank you keli for creating such a fun game

20 hours ago, pether said:

Don't thank me, thank Aki ;)


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