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Trapdoor / Hatch

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Bubbles wants to go downstairs


But to keep the nasty CO2 out, someone built a door. What bubbles can't understand is why they didn't just build a tile-top on a hinge and call it a hatch or a trapdoor


This takes up two tiles, the oneĀ  it's providing access to and the one above for the cover to clear, its essentially a door with a different placement check (it needs a block on each side instead of one below it) and the basic one would be non-air tight (but perhaps slight flow inhibiting). A second version could allow automation and air-tightness.

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Functionally it`s the same as putting a regular door or airlock in that space. Just looks better. It would be much better if it included stairs inside it so passing through wouldn`t require jumping. Also one that allowed a firepole through would be cool.

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