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DST issues starting new game

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I've been having some issues recently with my kids playing DST together on our home network and I was wondering if anyone else has seen these issues. I wasn't sure if there was a better forum for de-bugging or problems in general.

First issue, games are no longer visible to them on the LAN, we have to start it as a public games for it to be visible. I've checked every possible permission in Windows Firewall to make sure it's allowed DST, but it didn't fix the problem. I'm running it on several computers on an AD domain, and wondered if that was a known issue running on a domain.

Second issues is that we can't start a game in any other mode besides "default/survival". Creating a new world pops up a graphical selection screen to choose the server playstyle, but selecting anything doesn't seem to matter - it always proceeds to the next screen with "default" selected, and the arrows greyed out prohibiting switching it. At first I thought this might be a user permissions issue on the domain also (we just set it up about a month ago), but I tried logging back into my local user account and it seems to do the same thing. I didn't used to get the graphical selection for game type (I'm assuming that's a new patch?) - As far as I know it's only been doing it since that started showing up.



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I'm not sure about the first one, but about the second one - the modes, or playstyles haven't gone away. But their system has been redesigned. They are no longer reflected on the "main" page when creating the server, but are separate settings in the world generation tab. You will want to take a look at the parameters "spawn area", "spawn mode", "survivor death", "ghost sanity drain", "revive at postern" and "death reset time". Also "day type" I guess, but it's relevant only for "lights out" mode. There are also a lot of new settings related to the different types of taken damage or the severity of problems linked to sanity, really allowing you to customize the difficulty. Not to mention the fact that all settings that are not related to the generation of the map can be changed at any time and not only when creating the world. In a sense, the modes are no longer limited to these five - they are rather presets of settings, but now you can manually combine and set any values for each of their "parts". So the fact that it says "default" doesn't mean anything anymore. In fact, if you turn on a mode other than normal survival and switch to the tab with the world settings, you will see that some settings have been automatically changed - corresponding to your choice of mode. But you can still change them at will.

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