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Praise for dead rovers

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Recently playing my game i placed a pedestal without any particular idea about what to place on it. Next to it was dead rover that i used for preparing asteroid for first dupes landing. I tend to let them be as a souvenirs of expansion so.. Maybe it's a good idea to change dead rover into a resource that you can either place on a pedestal or crush in the rock crusher? That way you can still recover resources from them if you want to but also we could praise them like you should

Bez tytułu.jpg

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"We've come a long long way together, in the hard times and the good" - Ren by the Rover, remembering when he was the first dupe to traverse the path carved by his late mechanical friend... Butt clenched, holding breath.. To oxygen. To survival. To Life.

Thank you Rover. :wilson_cry:

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