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Gardening should boost sanity

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I've really been enjoying Don't Starve and now Don't Starve Together these past 2 months.  Thank you for a great game!  I love the darkness and humor.  The pigs', "I EAT FOOD!" always cracks me up.  To quote time bandits, "Ah, Benson, you are so mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence."

It's incredibly time consuming and difficult to garden now, yet it's my favorite part of the game.  If you spend time gardening, you still get attacked by hounds, rained on, cold, wet, dark...  All this is a pain, but what I run out of fastest in this pursuit is sanity.  Gardening should have a similar sanity boost to hanging out with a pig.  I *feel* saner gardening in the game, but my character loses sanity.

Even just +1 sanity for each seed planted and +5 for each crop harvested?

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It does. If you're Wormwood.

Anyway, gardening opens up avenues to restoring sanity. A couple easy favorites are vegetable stingers (ice, tomato or asparagus, two other vegetables), and soothing tea (ice, honey, forget-me-lots, plus an extra of the three). The tea has a restore over time effect, particularly useful for Wortox, as his 50% reduction in stat changes from food doesn't apply to the over time effect.

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Oops!  I had been using an edited-down version of the crock pot recipes from Don't Starve (alone/classic).  Two that you can cook up using only garden materials are Creamy Potato Puree (2 potatoes + garlic) and Salsa Fresca (tomato + onion).

Despite 200+ hrs of Don't Starve (alone/classic) and about 80 of DST, I still haven't survived a summer in DST.  It feels incredibly hard, playing the new DST alone.  The old strategy of "Garden so you barely have to leave your base" hasn't worked for me in the new game (yet).

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@ReallyHungry dont worry that much. Might look like a lot but 200h and 80h arent much in a wide game like ds and dst without external help (and even with that). Keep having fun, you will improve and learn each time you die

dst gardening is intuitive but needs work and time which can be hard if you are still learning the survival. Keep on it, you will organize better and better to have more free time for your plants


edit: you can also use potato+twigs+2 what ever to get a very cheap sanity dish

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Thanks, both of you.  I made it work by taming a beefalo first, so I didn't die.  I still have an above-ground base, but moved my primary base to the caves because the ponds don't freeze in winter and summers are brutal up top.  Love the seed pack-it!  Friendly fruit fly is awesome!  Mostly living on creamy potato puree and dragonfruit pies and wearing a top hat whenever I can.

Leafy meat is a useful combo with gardening.  I'm working toward jelly salad next using a bee farm, though that's not really gardening any more.

I'm going to have to play as wormwood at some point.

I have more feedback that I hope is useful:

I've heard the criticism that gardening is a a "win more" strategy, meaning that the things you need in order to garden effectively require creating a positive feedback loop in the game that would propell your success anyway.  I can't really argue well against that.  In addition to the beefalo, I made a boat in order to get growth formula and fought slurtles in the caves for shell fragments for the seed pack-it.  I'm not sure yet how much the gardening really helps, or if I just love it.  Definitely requires reading up on all the vegetables and the relevant crock pot recipes.

I'm using the gardening hat, but the "Farm Plant Needs" mod is even better.  It makes the invisible, visible.  Also the "Craft Pot" mod.  It's plenty hard even with the extra info.

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