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Disinfecting priorities

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Hey so I love the game but I have one little tweak I'd love to make. Early game, spending time disinfecting isn't nearly as important as everything else I need to focus on. So I usually leave that off until much later in the game. But just to help reduce effects of disease, I build a water reservoir chlorine chamber as quick as I can. I also set up with automation a small 4 high 2 wide tank that is where the pitcher pump goes so the dupes pull the clean water only when they cook and do things. It's got a liquid sensor to a liquid vent right above and if it gets too low, I let out a bit of clean sterilized water into the tank. Works great as a quick solution early on, but I find myself forgetting to disinfect the pitcher pump which does get germs from time to time. I'd love if I could select an individual building and turn disinfecting on or off. The button is kinda there already, but I have disinfecting turned off in general so enabling it for that building doesn't do anything. I'd have to overall allow disinfecting at whatever limit, then go to every single thing and disable each one until only that pitcher pump is left. What might make more sense than just getting rid of the overall block enable to allow individual switching is if the menu where you choose to turn disinfect on/off, if that area had more options. Right now we've got liquid and gas pipes, but what if I could go in and select that pitcher pumps get disinfected and unselect the rest super easily. It's a small issue, but I think it could make for a bit more useful control over disinfecting tasks

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18 hours ago, jtalk4456 said:

Early game, spending time disinfecting isn't nearly as important as everything else I need to focus on.

Just to clarify - spending time on desinfecting is never important. Disease system needs a huge rework because now it can be just ignored.

My suggestion: disable desinfection in Germ Overlay and forget about it. Your dupes will have more time to do other things and in worst case scenario somebody will cough a little

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