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Some ideas for beefalo

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Hello beef riders, please find my 3 ideas to enjoy our favorite companion.

1. Beefalo treat should last longer than current 10 days.

I usually don’t need to heal my beef because your beef heals 300hp simply doing nothing but waiting 1 day. It would make treat more valuable if it lasts at least 20 days.

2. We should be allowed to feed beef while riding it.

It would allow to feed him to to heal it, or to prepare to unmount and mount again quickly after without loosing extra time on the ground, or to get Pudgy more easily.

3. Pudgy stats are too low, or it deserves a proper perk.

I understand the objective is to get sanity aura, but why speed and damage have to be so low. Adding any of special saddle is just a waste. On other thread we mention that beefalo could help to farm, maybe pudgy could be our helper for farming task (exemple, standing close to pudgy gives access to new tools to create farm soil or move giant crops)

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We should be able to place structures and use bundling rap while on the beefalo and to be able to enter caves without getting off of beefalo and as Wolfgang you should be able to work out as well. I also made a post i do wonder if you agree with it. Beefalo takes lot of resources to tame they should stay tamed I would love to have multiple beefalo of all the different types or make salt licks unbreakable and more expensive for doing so but then all your work won't be gone if you are doing other things. Another type of idea could be add a resource that's like a scaled chest but only for like nitre or grass or sticks and have it be used up so again we dont have to keep making saltlicks over and over or have the beefalo be untamed. 

Another post was a two seater saddle or make more in depth specific saddles for the beefalo something like that or possibly a few new beefalo types would be much appreciated 

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Hello @Nightmaretribe I disagree with your idea to simplify so much beefalo taming. It took me roughly 1 season to tame my Ornery beefalo and I consider it is OP. If they allow to easily freeze domestication process, they should also increase the duration (1 season is very low, 1 year might be excessive but maybe not). 

A compromise for salt lick could be to make it refillable, with nitre or… salt?

I would not allow to do any action on beefalo (Wolfgang workout, Warly cooking, name it). But you should be able to interact with your beefalo (feed, brush)

2 seat beefalo saddle: 100% agree. 

For the new type of beefalo, I would prefer they fix Pudgy, but a utility beefalo to mine or chop could be a thing. Or a beefalo that can walk in coastal sea (at a slow speed), or maybe not further than 2 tiles away from land.

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 Please I do understand i 100% agree with your post to have chubby Beefalo having a revamp/rework but not only that one specific thing changed i think beefalo need a little love because the mechanic has been in the game for so long and needs to have a little overhaul of things changed or a little added to the mechanic as a whole for different options. 


@SuperDonutsYou misunderstood the first part I'm not saying pause it more so talking about after its fully tamed it will not become untamed after fully domesticated,  I agree it should be able to still be undomesticated if you stop In the middle of doing so but after its completed it shouldn't be able to revert the domestication process to fully be untamed at a salt lick or have something in place to know its okay to leave for a full year like my suggestion to have an automatic feeding machine or rework the salt lick to have it where you can use resources in place to have it being  fed and kept for. 


Love the idea of beefalo being able to go into shallow waters, possibly have it resemble a grass gator/water beefalo from ship wrecked. 

Another idea for a different type of beefalo type is call upon ofther beefalos like a varg does for hounds maybe only 1 or 2 beefalo would come but to  achieve this new domestication type you would have to keep it around other beefalo while taming I could even see the Beefalo horn being used to do this as a rework for that item but only while on a beefalo. 

I forgot to mention its because i have all items on disconnect drop and people that have tamed beefalo in my world have lost fully domesticated Beefalo because of this i just dont see this being a thing that should happen or have at least a better prevention measure for this not to occur. 


I also dont see why you disagree with wolfgang not being able to lift a dumbbell on a beefalo he gains mightyness when the beefalo is attacking already, I never mentioned any about warly cooking I don't see that being a thing on a beefalo. 

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@Nightmaretribe oh, now it makes sens with the automatic drop. Maybe you should ask for an update of the mod so some very personal items are not dropped. The list would be pretty easy (any character specific item + the beef bell).

If it also drops the backpack, it might become a bit more complex but achievable.


and getting mightyness while beefalo is attacking sounds like a bug to me.

but, if we had 2 seat saddle or a cart, I guess it would be ok that Wolfgang can do something else while the other character drives. Just like he can do training on a boat if someone is driving or take the risk of a collision, but beefalo riding does not have this kind of risk. Things shall remain balanced between risk and reward.

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