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I made a mistake but I dont know what is it

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I put 

local itenss = {"armor_sanity","nightsword",}

into the master_postinit function but it wont work in-game.

However if I put inst.components.builder:UnlockRecipe("armor_sanity") and inst.components.builder:UnlockRecipe("nightsword") into the master_postinit function, it will work.

Since I am just testing somethings, I would like to know how could I create a table to the itens I would like my character have unlocked since the beggining wihtout needing to write X times the same thig over and over again.

observation: I also tried inst.components.builder:UnlockRecipe(itenss) instead of inst.components.builder:UnlockRecipe[itenss]

I am also new into modding

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