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Another Magic Items Refresh Suggestion

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Most of the magic equipment in the game are either outclassed by easier options, or are far too expensive to be worth using. Here are some ideas I thought of that could push them into viability.

One-man Band: It's great for interacting with farm plants, but after a fruit fly is obtained it is useless.

Increase it's durability, and give it the ability to grant minions a buff of some sort. Increased damage, damage resistance, and/or an easier time controlling pigmen/bunnymen.

Night Light: For a magic light source it is easily outclassed by virtually every other light source in the game.

Give it a large activation radius similar to Maxwell Lights in Adventure mode. It will only consume nightmare fuel when activated, and will directly drain the sanity of either the closest player, or the person who activated it as an additional cost to using it. Willow would gain sanity/not lose sanity, because it is fire based.

Night Armor: Having to collect 12 reeds makes this amazing armor is way too time consuming to bother making. Thulecite crowns are less time consuming to obtain than this thing.

Either increase it's durability, reduce it's cost, or add additional ways to obtain paper.

Slurper Belt: A player venturing into the ruins likely does not struggle with hunger, and taking up the chest slot in exchange for 40% slower hunger drain is virtually worthless to experienced players.

Give it the ability to transform excess food consumption into health and light over time while worn. Would be incredible for Wormwood and Warly, and would make certain stomach filling crockpot foods worth cooking.

Alternatively, it could store excess food consumption into itself and return it to the player when worn.

Chilled Amulet: Even with it's low cost, it's freeze on hit effect is hardly useable, and it's temperature lowering effect is marginally useful, but is typically ignored in favor of better equipment, or just going into the caves.

Give it's freeze on hit quality an AOE range, similar to the bramble husk, at the additional cost of reducing the player's temperature with each hit. Now it's useful for killing bees, spiders, splumonkeys, and creates a non-cheese way to deal with Dragonfly's Lavae.

Nightmare Amulet: A legitimately useful tool for farming nightmare fuel, but is far too expensive to be worth using.

Just reducing the gem cost to 1 would make it far more viable.

Fire Staff: Fire is too destructive, and does so little damage, that there is never a reason to make this.

Make the fire produced by this staff not spread, and not destroy drops. The fire could look like the fire produced by the Night Light to make the difference obvious. Also, if I remember correctly fire damage was reduced a lot for some reason, so reverting that or making the fire staff specifically do more damage would help.

Telelocator Staff/Focus: Extraordinarily useful for quick travel and relocating creatures, but prohibitively expensive to use.

Either increase the durability of the staff or reduce the cost, and increase the durability of the gems socketed into the focus.

Lazy Forager: There are hardly any situations where having a Lazy Forager would make a significant difference. Even in situations that it may be useful it is not much faster than just picking items up, and it's not even possible to pick items up in tandem with the forager as it will pick up items that the player is trying to pick up.

Give it the ability to collect from grass, saplings, bushes, farms and make it prioritize things that the player is not currently trying to pick up. This would singlehandedly justify making a trip to the ruins.

If anyone has ideas regarding these suggestions or other magic equipment I would love to read them.

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One Man Band: Maybe hasten the attack cooldowns of all allies in range?

Night Light: Sounds good

Night Armor: Yeah, it could really use a durability buff. I wouldn't mind the mats if I got my effort's worth. It's a lot easier to make now that Cartographer's Desks let you convert blueprints, sketches, and similar items into papyrus.

Sluper Belt: I could see that working. If fullness is 80% or higher, provide light and heal over time, and increase fullness drain, otherwise, act as is.

Chilled Amulet: Heh, I didn't even know it had a chill effect on enemies that's how much I ignored it. Sounds good.

Nightmare Amulet: It expires pretty quickly, and summons so many shadow creatures it makes it hard to efficiently farm fuel with it. I'd suggest giving it longer usability and reducing the shadow creature spawn rate some.

Fire Staff: Yes, fire is hard to predict and harder to control. Unless you care little for your surroundings, Fire Staves have extremely restricted practical use. Increased damage and reduced capacity to spread could help that.

Telelocator Stuff: Probably more of a late game toy for when purple gems are all over the place. Still, could be nice to have better control over destination though, and foci only consuming one gem per use instead of all three.

Lazy Forager: Me and my army of grass geckos disagree. Hundreds of frogs that fall from the sky would also disagree, if they weren't all busy being dead.


Hardly a magic item, but one idea that's been in my head is the Luxury Aviary

Its main purpose would of course be to make Woody question the validity of his existence, but beyond that, it's basically an extra expensive birdcage that enables passive farming of feathers, along with eggs. Concept is: has six slots for birds and a food bar, similar to the Ice Fling-o-matic's fuel bar. Each day it consumes one unit of food and yields one egg and one corresponding feather per bird. With just one bird, the food will last 30 days, but with all 6 filled, only 5 days. If at any point it runs out of food, it ejects all its occupants, requiring recapture instead of merely refilling food, this substantial inconvenience a counterweight to the convenience it adds.

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