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Missing bolt chest

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Hey there, sorry to hear that you're having trouble with this. Can we get you to try and see if you have received the Bolts on your Klei Account today? You can check your current Bolts amount once more by going to the main menu > choose SHOP > and you will see it in the top left-hand corner of the screen within the Shop page.
If the issue persists today and you still have not received the Bolts Chest, could we get you to do the following steps one more time:

  • Fully exit the game, and fully shut down / power off (not sleep mode) your PlayStation console;
  • From there, turn on the system again and launch Don't Starve Together;
  • Log in to your Don't Starve Together game account;
  • Check your in-game Shop to see if the Bolts of cloth show up now.

Should the steps above not resolve this for you, please contact out support team with your Klei User ID (KU ID) and include your purchase receipt for the Bolts Chest purchase and we can investigate further.

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