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I wrote a Survival-Themed D&D Homebrew Rules Set for Don't Starve

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Hi everyone, I'm so sorry for my bad english.
Over the years, my friends and I have always loved the atmosphere, world view and characters of Don't Starve, so much that we even put them into TRPG.
Two years ago we played "Don't Starve" with CoC7e for almost a year, it was really cool, but along the way we found many shortcomings, so I decided to change the system to D&D and directly write a set of expansion rules as complete as possible, the result was unexpectedly almost turning it into a new game.

Anyway, this is my result for half a year, I hope you like it!!
(Warning: The English in the article may be very weird and full of mistakes because that is not my main language. Also most of the rules are untested, and the balance is absolutely terrible.I also didn't finish the Example Characters part because it was too complicated.

English version:

Traditional Chinese version:

Simplified Chinese version:

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