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Probably the most low-budget trailblazer mission I've done in some time

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Doing another moonlet clusters no teleporters run. Running out of water, need to scout out other planets for continued oil/research.


Built a simple co2 rocket with trailblazer and nothing else. on the right is how it started, minus the wiring, which included ~8 heavy-watt cables connected to nothing in order to store some metal. Using my only Pdirt as my oxygen supply, gathered from the initial waste that comes from using outhouses.

Sent the rocket off to the radioactive ocean planetoid, due to its high concentration of water geysers. Midflight (~0.6 cycles), I deconstructed the outhouse, built a crafting station in its place, crafted one oxygen mask, then deconstructed the crafting station and rocket control station, placed the necessary buildings in order to fill the oxygen mask, and then sent my (previously high priority supplying life support) duplicant down with 20kg of oxygen to go do what they need to do.


thank the Gilded Asteroid Fields in the sky, that giving a duplicant a skill in such a scenario allows them to instantly do it, rather than having to go to a pod to actually 'learn' it. Otherwise, dear Frankie likely wouldn't have survived. They only just barely made it by the skin of their lungs.

I can't imagine frankie is very happy with me, though.


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