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Don't Starve x Abomi Nation: My case for a crossover

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Hi. Who am I? Who cares. Long LONG time lurker of the forums, and avid lover of this wonder game we all play. Kind of nervous posting this tho cause I'm usually either hanging in small groups or by myself lol. But I'm here to make a case for something I genuinely believe in, even if it will never happen. 

Abomi Nation on Steam

I'm here to suggest Klei lend out our favorite beasts of The Constant to this small, little known game Abomi Nation. It's an underrated monster taming RPG where each run you get a different monsters, called "Abomi," who fight for their nation agianst the forces of darkness. The map and items are also randomized. This game does indeed have permadeath, so if you're not careful you could lose an Abomi permanently and a party wipe is a game over. This is all done to emulate the Nuzlocke experience. It's a game full of charm and puns and I feel the dev understands what makes Nuzlockes fun. I love it. You can even customize your runs for an experience better suited for yourself.

"This is cool and all Shuckster, but why are you telling us this?"
Well besides it being a cool game on Steam you should buy now. As the title and opening line spoils for you, I'm setting up what this game to explain why, IMO, this game would be great for a crossover with Don't Starve franchise. 

"Why Abomi Nation?"
As bizarre and some people might think it may be, IMO many of the creatures of The Constant make a great fit for this game stylistically. Abomi Nation's style, depsite being more silly than Don't Starve, I still feel fits with one another. It would take very little effort to make them fit into the world. Many of the beasts of DS already are pretty punny and have funny little names and have powers that fit right in. Also, the creator is a big fan of Don't Starve himself. He's even already crossed over with another game: Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling (Another game you should play, BTW.)

"But which beasts would become Abomi?"
I've already thought up many Don't Starve creatures that could be picked for the Abomi Nation world. Some include: The seasonal giants Deerclops, Bearger, Moose/Goose, and Dragonfly the OG summer giant all with pre evolutions (new designs would need to be made for baby Deerclops and baby Bearger), Vargling that evolves into a Varglet and then into a Varg (with a fire and ice variant for that Hound reference), Beefalo (with a Water variant), Treeguard, Glomglom who becomes a full Glommer, and even a guest appearance of the Sharkittens and Tigershark from the singleplayer Shipwrecked DLC. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. But those are my top picks for who to come in. I even theorycrafted them on the Abomi Nation Discord just as a proof of concept.

"Shuckster, are you crazy!?"
Yes. I'm really passionate about this happening. I'd like to hear how everyone would feel about Don't Starve mobs making it into a monster tamer like this. Would you be intreseted in such an event?

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1 hour ago, . . . said:

i can tell you are very passionate about this so don't take this personally, but I think we should first get crossovers with more popular titles for the first few since we only had one so far

I mean if I'm being honest with myself, I can't say I wasn't expecting this to be said. But I can say that this is admittedly really reasonable. Desptie my wishes. I didn't think this crossover would take much effort on their ends unless the creator of Abomi Nation wanted to let Klei design their own pre-evolutions to Deerclops or Bearger or something. Of course I'm not taking it personally.

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11 minutes ago, gamehun20 said:

I think this is a very neat crossover idea! But i have one question, crossovers usual go in two directions

What would dst get from Abomi Nations?

I don't think there ALWAYS have to be a two-way street. Sometimes it works as a one way. But I think many of the Abomi would make for cute pet and perhaps Beefalo skins. Beewee in particular would make a good Glomglom or Broodling skin. Simple, cute, effective. There are also a few Abomi that could be decent character skin themes if you're feeling saucy, like Tundrage Wolfgang, Taranther Webber, Jubileek Wormwood, etc.. But that's probably stretching it too much. I think pet skins are perfect. But again IMO, I don't think it being two way is 100% necessary. 

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I dislike the Terraria crossover. Not that it is poorly done, just that it was a crossover. I prefer stand alone content. So long as there is an option to disable it (like you can with the Terraria stuffs), I'm okay with it.

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On 12/17/2022 at 8:53 PM, Evelo said:

I dislike the Terraria crossover. Not that it is poorly done, just that it was a crossover. I prefer stand alone content. So long as there is an option to disable it (like you can with the Terraria stuffs), I'm okay with it.

Like I said in another post, if they did cross over it'd probably be skins or something, probably for pets. I think disliking crossovers on the premise it's just a crossover is a little bit of a weird take. Since if done right, like with Terraria, it really shouldn't impede on anything.

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