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Deticated Custom moded server will randomly crash

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Hi Everyone,


I am really new to setting up dedicated servers. I have an old computer 8Gb of ram, intel core i7 no graphics card running win 10 pro on a 500GB Samsung SSD. The system is fine runs without issue no crashing or blue screen. I setup a server and yes I have custom mods that I play with and I am happy to post some of the server details for more context. I don't get an error code per say. The server will run fine for 20 in game days or something and I will cutting a tree or running from a hound and the Master will just crash, but the cave will stay open. I have to manually shutdown the cave with C_shutdown() and restart i normally end up losing a day which is fine I guess. I don't know what causes just a sudden lag out and failure it can be the simplest thing as just running or digging or picking some plants. I apologize for this terrible description. I just want the server to work error free for me. I am happy to post any info as needed to help troubleshoot. Thank you in advance for any help. 

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Do you have the same error messages as the people in this thread?

Might be the same issue, or at least related to it.
If it's a different issue, and/or you can't get it to run without errors, you can post your server log file and your mod list, so we can looik into what's causing the crash.

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Hello, the problem is not the same, but I will put out all the information I can and need. My server starts completely randomly 1x out of 10 times. I know two things so far:
1: It starts with a higher chance if the spring is switched off
2: If I change the settings of any mod, it will definitely not start


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