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Restricted Areas

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I'm tired of dupes running into a very obviously deadly area. I feel like it's reasonable that, as an overseer of the colony, I should be able to tell my dupes to please stop trying to swim in the molten salt, and that molten salt has multiple long-term health risks. 
On a more serious note, I feel like there should be a tool to stop dupes from entering an area. Maybe you could specify what actions they are allowed and not allowed to take in an area, or even specify which dupes can enter and exit an area. I haven't gotten far enough to be working with seriously deadly substances (like the previously joked about molten salt), but even now I keep getting dupes running into bad situations which require my entire colony to bend over backwards to save them.
If they're smart enough to build a nuclear reactor, then they're smart enough to not walk past a "DO NOT ENTER" sign.

(Actually, considering how people in the real world behave, I'm not too sure about that.)

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