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Create a way to disable graphical filters

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I'll be honest. Never had a complaint about the game, it's fantastic and I've already put more than 200 hours into it. But today something really struck me. The way skins are perceived when editing your character before entering the Constant, is waaaaaaaay different than in-game.

I believe it has to do with the way camera filters are applied during different seasons, but the only moment your character's skin reflects what is perceived during customization, is inside a cave.

I have attached two comparison images to elaborate

I am so sorry if it seems that I am nitpicking, but as someone who's favorite color is blue, made me really sad to waste a bunch of spool and see this mucus green in-game instead of the bright cyan-ish.

 With that in mind, wouldn't it be nice if the game had a way to disable the filters? Or at least a way that the character is not affected by said filters. I know the first solution is not as simple as that, because everything else will also look kind of off due to the color changes, but these filters can be really strong (Summer for instance) and will affect people who may have issues with bright colors occupying the whole screen.


Mucus Webber.png

Blue Webber.png

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