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sugestion: skin bundles that will release with the wilson rework

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As we all know with every character rework, the skins from the triumphant, formal ,roseatte and survivor´s collection of the reworked character became purchasble on the game store and therefore weabable.

The only character left reworking is wilson therefore i think that after we get his clasic skins on the store, there could be a skin pack of every of the said collection including the skins left on them.

what i mean is that for example after wilson rework, it could be released the triumphant bundle that will include all the triumpahnt skins we already have plus the ones of warly, wortox and walter that are the ones lacking those currently. and same for formal, roseatte and survivor.


On a side note: triumphant walter like a grease style bully, and warly like sweeny todd.

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