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wigfrid improvement

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i think wigfrid active songs (rude interlude and startling soliloquy) should last longer and maybe have shorter casting animation to be considere worth or useful. Some new active songs would make her gameplay richer because most of her songs are just passive buffs, useful, but passive and the only active ones are weak as i mentioned

wolfgang got the ability to throw dumb bells so i think wigfrid must have the ability to throw spears since is something more logicall than throwing dumb bells and is even shown in her animation. Is the bard fighter character after all

and i think that a really good addition that would fix one big problem while playing her will be to add some kind of music sheet notebook or folder to keep all the unlocked songs so the player doesnt need to prepare in advance 3 slots to carry songs. Most of the time you dont use battle songs because you dont want to carry 1, 2 or more items that you might or might not use. With a "container" for them, the player can simply sacrifice 1 slot to be prepare for all kind of situation and take advantage of the songs instead of them being forgotten in a chest. The "battle song container" could act as maxwell spell wheel when you use it showing all the unlocked songs

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