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Don't Starve Together Patch 2.60 - 11/25/2022 (PlayStation)

  • The command wheel can now be used while the player is moving and does not cause the player to stop. It also no longer triggers an autopause though some of the wheel selections still do.
  • Adjusted the tracking of Twins of Terror’s dash attacks.
  • Fixed bugs with Maxwell’s custom idle animations.
  • Added missing Eclectic Glowcap crafting icon.
  • Fixed a crash related to player ghosts being hit.
  • Fixed a crash related to masts being unfurled.
  • Fixed a crash related to Lightning Conductor.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Clean Sweeper.
  • Fixed missing Store action when moving items into Magician’s Top Hat.
  • Fixed a bug where a skinned Magician’s Top Hat becomes invisible when used, if you don’t own that skin.
  • Fixed Maxwell’s Wizard skin having beard issues when on Charlie’s Stage.
  • Fixed missing shadow for Crystalline Furnace when it is placed.
  • Removed a stray hair in Walter’s Survivor skin.
  • Fixed Striking Gloves having Maxwell’s Unshadowed head as an icon.
  • Fixed Imbued Tophat FX showing when it should not.
  • Fixed missing Maxwell Heirloom qualities.
  • Added missing item pieces for Maxwell’s Formal set.
  • Players who purchased the item packs will be receiving the missing items.

Note for Xbox Players - The new patch for Don't Starve Together on Xbox is currently going through certification. We are hoping to get it through Cert hopefully for Monday; I will post the update notes on the Xbox section once the update is live. Thank you for your patience.

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These all sound like great changes, thank you! Maxwell's spell wheel and being able to choose where to use your respective abilties on console is great! I'd appreciate if something like this was done for Wortox and the Lazy Explorer, since teleporting on console is seen as one of its greatest limitations. 

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