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Shadow meatballs

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Hear me out, please.

I just want to suggest a cool (or hot) thulecite crockpot.

So, to make one you need to have 3 whole thulecite chunks, 6 charcoal and 6 twigs. Sounds similar, isn't it?

So, put it on the ground, put some monster meat, berries, ice and wait... wait... twice longer, than in normal crockpot. It's thulecite, so it's need more time to make it hot!

Ok, ok. Just fuel it with nightmare fuel. After that food will be cooked twice faster.

But. If thulecite take so much time to become hot, it's takes time to cool down. So if you take you food fast and start cooking new dish instantly its take even less time to be cooked! Up to 10 times, when food cooks instantly.

Ok, but cooking on the nightmare fuel don't feels healthy, isn't it? So if you do this cooking rush, after ~5 times food became "hightmarish". It start steaming with some dark matter and after chonk it you became fully insane. For a 5 seconds. After that you sanity goes back and foods sanity restore applies.

Besides it fun, it can be useful for going through obelisks and fighting FW

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