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I’m Stewpid and need help with something about Warly

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We all know Warly loses food efficiency after an excessive amount of consuming the same food over and over. I am aware i can get to 70% less effective at worst but i just wanna know if there is a mechanic that can stop/prevent this from happening on certain dishes. If there is a way, can you tell me? (Also if it is a complicated answer please dumb it down as i am still stewpid)   

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While there is no mechanic to stop those penalties accumulation, dish memory doesn't affect effects over time. That means jellybeans healing is essentially the same (only initial +2 hp are penalized, but 120 over time work just as fine), soothing tea can be used repeatedly and would retain majority of it's effect (only initial +15 sanity are affected by dish memory, +30 over time stays the same), and one can use milkmade hat without worries (gives as much hunger as to Wilson regardless of the way player uses it). Same can be said about hallowed nights potions.

I'm not sure if dying resets dish memory, but it would be impractical to rely on it anyway. Other dish effects such as electric modifier are erased on death though, so it might be worth checking for surviving in a pinch.

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