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More shadow sneak improvements maybe?

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Shadow sneak is quite nice after the buffs it got, but I still consider it to be the worst of the arsenal. If it lasted just a tiny bit longer I would feel more comfortable killing bishops, beefalos and tall birds with it. Right now the spell tends to occasionally run out before I could go for the kill and it's so unsatisfying to get a smack on the face right before victory. 

It's also kinda annoying to prepare these traps in advance because you can't spam them like workers or duelists. Often just feels like a waste of time to use.

And lastly, some mob interactions. I noticed that spider-hiders won't go into their shell if they are under the effect of shadow sneak, but snails still do. We could always use a better snail farming method since they are kinda not worth fighting. Another irrelevant mob is buzzard. I was hoping shadow sneak would cause them to flap their wings in panic kinda like fire does. Same for just birds in general? Maxwell already can kill them with clones but I think it would be cool if he could also capture them in bird traps without seeds.

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