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Maxwell Rework - [BETA] - Suggestion (Copy paste of my accidental suggestion in dst general suggestions!)

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Hello Dear Klei Developers , İ Have been seriously enjoying the new maxwell rework but , İ Have ONE Main suggestion i would like to make... Please make it so that Theres an Option that lets ur shadow duelists attack alongside WİTH you rather than go chasing off of the mob while ur not attacking it [İ did NOT have a goodtime fighting Dfly with Full shadow equipment alongside with my duelists as they kept attacking the larvaes after dfly went off OR they just chased after the Dfly getting theirselfs Killed + Making the MUCH and seriously.. MUCH MUCH longer , i did not have much fun as i did with all the other things i did as the new maxwell So please implement something atleast Similiar to this feature Please?.] Oh also yes i know this is a beta and things are BOUND to chance And i am aware There might be a hotfix relating to this feature sometime later or soon And i would be perfectly fine if this feature was not implemented But it would be a very nice thing to add as a QoL For Maxwell So Yep That was my suggestion Anyways Goodluck On The Hotfixes! :D.


( Also yes i know how scuffed my grammar is Sorry about that ;-; )


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