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Can Fully Fueled Endothermic Fire Pit Yield 1 x Nitre, please?

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Wow, that would be cool. Maybe somewhat OP though. I'd be for this if implemented, but I've seen better ideas.

I made a topic a while back suggesting a portable device, an Endothermic Converter, that could convert firepits to endothermic firepits while attached, or placed on the ground such that a campfire placed over it would make an endothermic campfire. Would be nice only needing one firepit that you could convert as needed, and would make it much more viable to make cooling fires away from camp if the emergency need arose.

I remember another topic suggesting nitre being able to be produced with a method similar to growth formula, but I can't find that one. IIRC it involved guano and seaweed. Anyway, one way or another, it seems more reliable ways of farming nitre would definitely be appreciated.

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I'd be happy with a 1 x Flint...anything to help recycle. I don't mean it to be cheesy or OP.

The addition of the Fully Fueled Fire Pit Yielding 1 x Charcoal helps alot with Recycling, so I figure it would be nice if the Endothermic Fire Pit could get some Recycling love. Maybe even a Fully Fueled Flingomatic can get some recycle love and Yield 3 x Ice. Any Recycling option is probably a good thing. 

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