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Idea for Maxwell to become true Master of Puppet and a late game character

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With the new Shadow prison nerf,i have to said i don't mind that Maxwell is getting all the nerf as long at he will be gained them back in the late game.We don't really have many late game character in DST yet,the only one i can think of when talking about late game is Warly.He start off with a big downside but the more time you spend for the world,the more powerful he get.So powerful that he can kill AF,one of the most powerful boss in the game just in few minute.So i pretty like the idea that Maxwell start of as frail and weak because he doesn't gain enough power yet and his Codex Umbra is missing alot of page(from the comic).So my idea here is he must write back the missing page from the Codex Umbra and the more he does,the more spell he get and the more powerful his Shadow Puppet and Shadow Magic become.
Another aspect i want to dig in is Maxwell used to be the King and Puppet master.He is not the type of King who will charge into battle but rather a magic caster that stand behind and let the servant doing all the work while he use spell to attack or buffing his allied.This is even his role in The Forge mode.
If anyone saying that Maxwell had to be in melee range to have some interaction with the enemies,i honestly disagree with them.DST now have 18 character.We have normal dps melee char like Wolfgang and Wigfrid,we have farming char like Wormwood and Wickerbottom,we have an army char like Webber and Wurt,we even have one old lady as a mid range dps who is also can teleport around the world like nothing happend.Then why we cant have a summoner char that stand behind and let the minions doing all the works ? Each char in DST should have a unique or diffirent playstyle and make the player feel fun to play.(Except for Wes)

But enough talking here is my concept :
Maxwell is very frail.He still have 75 health but only deal 50% damage if not using a shadow or magic related weapon.

Codex Umbra now have 4 level,each level upgrade his Shadow Puppet and grant the Codex Umbra new spell to use.
To upgrade the Codex Umbra,you will need to put the book on these by order
Prestihatitator-Shadow Manipulator-fully repaired Ancient Pseudoscience Station.If you try upgrading to the latter level without reaching the previous Maxwell will say :"I'm not powerful enough to achieved this power".
Codex Umbra I : Shadow Duelist,Shadow Servant

Codex Umbra II: Unlock Shadow Trap.
Codex Umbra III: Unlock Shadow Prison.
Code Umbra IV : Unlock Shadow Empower.
The more Maxwell upgrade his book,the more comfortable he feel to Shadow magic,he will only lose 75%/50%/25%/0% when equipped,using or stading near shadow related item or structure(this included Night Light.Hey,it burns with a beautiful glow am i right ?)

Now for the Shadow Puppet,main source power of Maxwell
Shadow Duelist : work pretty much the same at beta version but with new upgrade based on current level of Codex Umbra
Level 1 : Same as beta,75 HP deals 20 damage per hit.Have a dash attack that deal 50% more damage.Will teleport away when get hit.Have maximum damage taken per hit capped at 15.
Level 2 : Reduced the maximum damage taken capped to 10
Level 3 : Increase Duelist damage by 20.
Level 4 : Shadow Duelist can now attack and tank the Shadow Creature for Maxwell.
Shadow Servant : same at beta version but with new upgrade based on Codex Umbra
Level 1 : same at beta.nothing to changed
Level 2 : increase 25% working range for the servant.
Level 3 : Picking up item by servant will tele directly to Maxwell Magician Chest and Top hat.If they are full the servant will give them to Maxwell
Level 4 : The servant chopping and mining is 25% more efficient.

Now for the spell Maxwell gained by upgrade Codex Umbra 
Shadow Trap : rename from Shadow Sneak.Place a Shadow trap at target location that last for 2 minutes.Maxwell can only place 5 trap at one time.Place the sixth trap will destroy the first one.Each trap cost 15 sanity.
Shadow trap have different effect based on the mob step on it.
Monster or mob that agrro on Maxwell : Freak them out for 3 second,make them lose agrro on Maxwell and other player.
Boss : Slow them 50% for 5 second.
Mob that had insane or shadow version : The trap transform them to that version.These mob will have Nightmare fuel drop rate increase to 100% plus 10% for extra one.
Shadow Related Monster : The explosion will deal 100 damage to them.

Shadow Prison : Trap all mob in the target area for 17  second making them immobilize.This will cost Maxwell 20 sanity.
Hostile mob can attack the wall to make them break faster.Bosses will reduced duration by 2 second per hit while normal mob will be 1 second.
This make the wall less effective again AOE or Multi hit Boss while still remain it usefulness again single target Bosses.

Shadow Empower : Cost 15% durability of Codex Umbra and 25 sanity.Grant all alied(character,follower) in target location Shadow Empower for 25 seconds.They deal 15 extra damage on hit,also grant them a shadow shield that completely blocks one instance of damage every 5 seconds
If use on Shadow Duelist,heal them for 50 HP and making them instanly dash attack onto tarrget.

Now for the Maxwell exclusive craft.I think Maxwell should had his own late game staff,armor and hat-he has his own Magician hat now but beside 12 extra iventory slot that connect to Magician chest and Shadow chester.Rarely one one will ever wear it in late game when you have better armor or Bone Helmet so i want to change it.

Shadow Staff : 1 Spear + 1 Purple Gem + 1 Living Log -need Shadow Manipulator to prototype : Fire a shadow ball at enemies.Deal 43 damage per hit.This ranged magic weapon had no durability but instead will use your Nightmare fuel as ammo.Each hit will consume one Nightmare Fuel in inventory and drain Maxwell 10 sanity.The enemies get hit by this weapon will get marked,Shadow Duelist will priority attacked these target.If out of Nightmar fuel,this staff can be use as melee weapon for 12 damage

Puppet's Master Staff : 1 Shadow Staff + 1 Thulecite Club + 1 Shadow Thurible + 1 Purple Gem : Increase move speed by 10%. Fire shadow ball at enemies.Deal 59 damage.Have 100 use.Can be repaired with Nightmare Fuel for 25 use each.The marked mechanic is the same as Shadow Staff.This weapon had an unique effect,each hit had 20% chance to summon a Shadow Duelist dash through target dealing 60 damage.This staff can also casting Shadow Empower spell by right click without needing to open the book.This still cost Codex Umbra durability and Maxwell sanity however.

Puppeter Coat : 1 Night Armor + 1 Thulecite Suit +  1 Bone Armor + 1 Purple Gem :  1300 HP, absorbs 95% damage.Grant Maxwell and his summon Shadow Duelist albility to completely blocks one instance of damage every 5 seconds (this damage will not affect armor durability).Can use Nightmare Fuel to repair it,each for 15% durability.
Supreme Shadow Hat : 1 Magician Hat + 1 Bone Helm + 1 Purple Gem : 950 HP,absorbs 70% damage.+3.3 sanity per min.Wearing this will make Shadow Creatures become neutral when Maxwell become insane + Increase Shadow Duelist damage by 20.

Wearing full set will cause Maxwell to imbued with Shadow Magic,this will change his idle animation : Maxwell will summon a shadow throne and sit on it :))



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8 minutes ago, Mysterious box said:

This is mod character levels of overpowered...

well i think i gave him too much power with the post Fuel weaver item,but i used to have a scrap concept that he will get them when defated both Fuel Weaver and Celestial Champion.But i think that is too much late just for those power.

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22 minutes ago, cutirangtho said:

well i think i gave him too much power with the post Fuel weaver item,but i used to have a scrap concept that he will get them when defated both Fuel Weaver and Celestial Champion.But i think that is too much late just for those power.

I mean it's still crazy even without the post fuel weaver gear though...

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