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More Wereform interaction with Accursed Trinkets?

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I've recently engaged in plundering Moon Quay more often now that finding it is not only reliable but pretty fast and cheap with the Goose edge method. However, one thing that irks me is that there seems to be almost no interaction between Accursed Trinkets and the Wereforms other than Woodie not transforming into Wonkey until his weremeter runs out. 
This is annoying because Woodie's curse has always held a special place in my heart and with Woodie now being shown to still be afflicted with it even after he DIES, there's so much to interpret about what the curse is and how it actually operates. The Accursed Trinkets however just wipe it out. Just like that. Poof. No special interaction between the Werecurse and the Moon Quay curse, even though the resemblances are clear and even mentioned in character quotes.

My suggestion is not to make Woodie immune to trinkets or something like that, that's boring. However, the Wereforms should feel as if they fight back against the Moon Quay curse in some way. Perhaps Wereforms can't pick up trinkets, or when you transform a certain number of currently held Accursed Trinkets will break, maybe they break over time as long as you're transformed, etc. Something to give spice to an interaction between two very mysterious but related forces to make the world seem more lively and interactive with the player. (Even if it is admittedly just a special Woodie goodie :>)

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