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[Suggestion] Lucky Rabbit's Foot

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Ever wished you could just be luckier? Do you farm Krampi for a sack, but you never seem to get one?

Well, with this item, you're in LUCK.

Introducing the Lucky Rabbit's Foot.

This item would be dropped by Bunnymen, at a rate of about 5% or less, and would spoil after 1 in-game day.

If you have a rabbit's foot on you, all Bunnymen will aggro on you from a bigger range than usual.

When in your inventory, your luck will be increased, giving you higher chances at mob/boss drops such as:

Krampus Sack (Krampus)
Lavae Egg (Dragonfly)
Royal Jelly (extra (Bee Queen)) Potentially other drops extra like honeycombs?
Butter (Butterflies)
Tam O' Shanters/Walrus Tusks (Mactusk)
Lucky drops from tumbleweeds, such as gears
Pig Skin (pigs)

The luck stat will not affect:
Silk, Monster Meat, Spider Glands (as these are all the same chance already, and could impact your gameplay negatively if you just wanted meat and not silk or glands)
Other monsters similar to this
Sunken Chests (as these would make more sense that they are already buried with the treasure pre-determined

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Knowing in general how the game is coded (specifically the lootdropper component) this would be flat out infeasible to do with some mobs / entities (specifically the enemies that have loot tables that are "either/or"; for example, pigmen have a 75% chance to drop meat and the other 25% is pig skin, they will always drop one or the other; this ratio is not changeable without complex code, or flat out overriding the current drop behavior) If the lootdropper behavior was consistent across most mobs, then it would be a lot easier to do. Neat idea though! 

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Not a bad idea! Some other items the foot could affect could be Klaus's loot stash, tumbleweeds, ornate chess, etc. Maybe the foot could affect things outside loot tables, like wildfires, meteors, lightning strikes, etc. Also the rabbit's foot should be craftable, maybe from bunny puffs, nightmare fuel, etc? It's kind of wierd to have to depend on RNG to get an item to improve your RNG, it would be nice for this method to be more reliable than a pure luck based method, something that all of these desired items(Krampus sack, Mactusk, etc) already rely on. Having the item be gained through mostly luck and only last one day would be a bit too gimmicky, since you may not be able to use the rabbit's foot productively. Being being to craft it would allow players to tactically use it for farming, bosses, etc. 

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I don't think it should be crafted, but maybe last a bit longer? I meant for it to be an item that you get lucky getting, and could impact things heavily if you were to take advantage of it quickly. I do think a day was a bit too short though.

I love the add-on for wildfires and lightning! Potentially it could drop more often than 2.5%. :)


I do understand it would be quite hard to implement, and may just come with straight up re-doing the way drops work all-together, but who knows!

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